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  1. max

    Reefer Decree - Curved Air

    i love reefer decree and I love ass to mouth , unfortunately most women prefer refeer decree over ass to mouth ... stupid whoring cock sockets !!
  2. max

    Oforia - Let It Beat

    Killer album ! And it's far from cheese. I first was fooled by the reviews here and didn't even wanna listen it...then i got it from a friend a WOW. Ofer is back.
  3. Great stuff !!! Some tracks are not for me but the whole impression is very good. And i wish the guys will perform a warm-up in France next to Loic TE.
  4. After listening this album in Mp3 i'm sure of one thing. I'm gonna buy 2 Cds... One for home listening and one to put in a Secret Swiss account in case of... The best album ever made in Trance...far far far beyond everything that have been done yet. Now because of this album everything sounds tasteless to me.
  5. max

    Psycraft - Gravitech

    ...and killer cover done by Dreamer !
  6. max

    V/A - Chillosophy

    V/A - Chillosophy Artist: Various Title: Chillosophy Label: Digital Structures Date: 2001 Track listing: 01. 08'57" Ooze : Quintessence 02. 08'11" Healer : Aqua Sleeping 03. 05'21" Electrostatic : Duality (Fingertwister Rmx) 04. 08'49" Son Kite : Aiwana (Downbeat Mix) 05. 06'42" Karl Axel Bissler : Laid Back 06. 05'27" Fingertwister : Mason Groove 07. 07'56" Pope Of Gegga : Breath Taker 08. 05'16" Aztech : DeathWish 09. 05'00" Fiasko : X-Moll 10. 07'20" DPOD : Nomeda 11. 08'41" Karl Axel Bissler : Floating Castles Review: Surprising release from Digital Structure. The design of the cover looks like a New Age album cover..very funky. As usually with that label the packaging is really well done and unusual. Now let's check what's inside. Don't expect slow Son Kite or slow downtempo swedish trance. It's a completly new style of music. And some tracks have (like the cover) a taste of New Age. Especially Healer - Aqua Sleeping...the name says it all, very relaxing. Some tracks are really close to Trip-Hop with singings and lo-fi beats (track 3 especially). And the rest is a mix between drum 'n bass, techno and experimental stuff. Sometime too much experimental according to me... and some are really too repetitive to be enjoyed. For instance Pope Of Gegga track...which is the same pattern over and over. But i like this compilation because this is a new kind of trance. And if you are curious check Aiwana and Quintessence made by Son Kite guys + some people...both tracks are really great especially Aiwana. 8/10.
  7. max

    V/A - Ptzatzot 3

    oh yes! system override!!!!! what a track. this doesn't suit that compilation as it beats the shit out of every etnica shit i've heard! and the begining beats etnica - microdrive! good stuff! buy it only for that track! gentech rules me!
  8. Son Kite - Perspectives Of ... Artist: Son Kite Title: Perspectives Of ... Label: Digital Structures Date: 2001 Track listing: 01. 10'09" Collection 02. 08'49" (W)Holy Road In Monterrey 03. 10'17" Where's My Drum 04. 08'24" If Ashtrays Could Talk 05. 07'21" Bitter Sweet 06. 08'45" Driveshaft 07. 08'23" Hi-Fi Stomp Session 08. 07'26" Clockwise 09. 08'49" Aiwana Review: Well, i just received that CD and the first thing i told to myself is...my god, this kind of CD should be reviewed while Son Kite guys are playin it loud in a party. It's so unfair to review such a CD, alone, sit down, with a home-sound-system. Anyway ! Sorry to kill the suspens : this CD is aboslutely better than the first one. The production is amazing...Son Kite have one hell of a studio and you can be sure they know how to use it. Sounds turning around your head, solid bass, deep kick, EQ FX. I like listening this album from beginning to end and not tracks alone...because the atmopshear just builds and builds. But if i had to name the higlight of the CD it would be without any doubt "HI-FI STOMP SESSION". The name says it all. An especially good mention for the packaging which is very good with an interesting booklet inside. 8/10
  9. max

    Infected Mushroom - BP Empire

    Not a bad album, but a bit disappointing for me. Lot of tracks (Noise maker, PGM, BP Empire, Tasty Mushroom, Funkamillion) are "empty". There's no tracks in this album that can reach a "Mush Mushi" or a "Return Of The Shadow".
  10. max

    Ticon - Rewind

    Ticon - Rewind Artist: Ticon Title: Rewind Label: Digital Structures Date: 2001 Track listing: 01. 10'35" You Can Have My Fraggies 02. 10'01" Gurk Burk 03. 07'56" Wank The Skank 04. 08'10" 2 Steps Forward And 1 To The Left 05. 08'00" The Cozy Cactus 06. 09'26" We Are The Mammoth Hunters 07. 08'52" Super Model Girlfriend 08. 07'01" Play My Boy 09. 08'23" Mona Bone Review: Well, this is Ticon's debut album. You like Ticon ? You'll like the album as hell since you find inside every details that defines Ticon's style...Huge work on rythmics, deep deep groovee bass, congas riffs and so on. Is that all ? NO ! Of course their style have a bit evolved, sometimes in a good way sometimes in a more weirdo way. The first track is simply amazing...Exactly what u can expect from them + some surprises like EQ effects...it's really pumping...the begining is only high frequencies then suddenly.....WAOOOOOUF....the bass waves...the drums psychedelia...very good. The second track is good...energic, pumping...the sound production is less loud than usually and the sound appears to be clearer and much more fun to listen...great. Third track is 50/50...i hate the beginning too too minimalistic...you know...nothing but beats...bass is so weak you can't really appreciate it...and the end is very good with twisted sound less housy than the one they use usually...they should try more this way. 4th Track is 100% party shaped...no surprises inside...but efficient...not really for home. Fifth Track is a low tempo..i would say 130 or something...it takes time for you to dig inside but the end is a pure hypnotic moment with....melodies & lot of layers...unusual form ticon...very surprising in the positive way... 6Th track is my favourite...Over boosted Ticon, bass distorted but not too much as X-Dream likes to do, incredible breaks...the best track from them i've heard so far. 7Th Track is also fast...don't worry it's not happy hardcore yet i mean it's fast for Ticon...maybe 143/144. This track is builts on killers, absolutlety killers samples...taken from movies i guess...they fit very well in the cd. 8th Track is a bit boring...really boring i would say...and that's bad because they used a very good bass...let's forget it. 9th Mona Bone...Released in a previous EP of the same name...it liked it a lot when it was released but now the others tracks of the Cds depreciate it. Which is not a really bad thing. It's a good cd that will definitely raise Ticon in the Scando stuff Hall Of Fame. This is the kind of minimalism i like...without too much emphasis on drums like 3.Turn for instance...7.5 /10 (I would have given 8.5 if 2 tracks weren't already released)
  11. I do agree with u guys...good album !!! And some tracks are simply amazing of crazyness ! Beat Static and DNA !!! WOW I rather the track not too GMSized. If you don't like GMS like me listen that album anyway because only the drums sounds the same...the rest is Domestic/3D Vision stuff. On the dancefloor this album must be a TSunami.
  12. max

    V/A - Catcher

    Very good compilation...not cheesy...not too minimalistic...the perfect equilibrium i guess.
  13. max

    V/A - Floor

    The Chi-Ad remix is exceptionnal !!! Tim stikes again !
  14. Not a bad album, but have to be played on a loud sound system at high level to be appreciated. Defintely dancefloor oriented. Listen before buying and don't refer to old Wizzy Noise tracks to have an idea of the content of this album.
  15. I was really dissapointed about this cd after all I heard from ppl. Maybe because I haven't heard the tracks outdoors but I find most of the tracks kinda average except the Tristan tracks,those are worth the cd alone, and Youngel is a real cool track. Son Kite rock, then there is that Y2k already on vinyl + Word of Mouth ep coming soon, so if your really fussy about your music don't expect anything special. Standard psy trance what's with all the weak ass realeases at the moment? Cd 4/10 Word of Mouth 9/10 (One of the most kickass tracks of the summer)
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