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  1. Asura - Lost Eden Healer - Wonderground Aes Dana - Season 5 Der Sypra - seeds and of course Woob - 1194 and 4495 (tho I doubt you'll be able to find either on CD) some Prem Joshua stuff as well but only individual trax since a lot of his work is probably too 'fast' for chill....but some of his trax that u'll probably really like: Prem Joshua - Lahore Connection Prem Joshua - Secret Place Prem Joshua - Nanak (the last two trax are off of his album "dance of shakti")
  2. wrong link? doesn't sound much like the rip..
  3. Corazon De Fuego is probably the only listenable Muses Rapt track Iv come across...and a rather good one at that!!
  4. FINALLY!! A 'full-on' album that won't disappoint for a change... ..but 9 euros for intl' shipping is a bit much no?
  5. thats the track that got me interested in them...unfortunately none of their other stuff made me stick around for much longer...
  6. whatever floats your boat. Even with that annoying bit in the middle, I still rank it way higher than most of the stuff Iv heard coming out this year... np: The Flame. God this track is just SICK!!!
  7. well not complete eurotrance melodies but its got that aura to it. Its off of Infinitism and IMO the worst track on there. Im not saying that its a bad track - I just don't like that bit in the middle where that annoying synth comes in...other than that its got the right idea. Chi-A.D. - Purity Give it a listen and you'll know what I mean...I believe it starts around the 3 minute mark and goes on for what seems like 'infinitism'. np: Chi-A.D. - Biocandy!! couldn't resist!!
  8. couldn't have said it better myself. for a change I must agree with you...
  9. true...thats why i like the flame better than the other one. But I must admit, there was one Chi-A.D. track which didn't really go down well with me but I forget the name. It had a totally euro-trance feel to it with the synths. Everyone makes mistakes..
  10. 'Waiting for a new Life' by a huge margin!
  11. As mentioned above, I don't think there is a single bad track on this album. This is full power music!! I guess thats its only drawback - too much energy crammed into too little time. It might take some time for people to really get into the groove of this as some of it can come across as too noisy but the end result is pure bliss! Have been a huge fan of Toi Doi since I first heard "Particule" on Goa Gil's "Forest of the Saints" many years ago.
  12. Infinitism has The Flame and not The Flame of Eternal Life. (two different trax with the same sample) I went for Infinitism cuz of The Flame...the most powerful Chi-A.D. track Iv heard! What a trip!!
  13. sweet!! will try and be there for this one! looking forward to hearing some new Panick stuff!!
  14. I think thats the only track he ever made too...heard it on my first trip after downing 2.5 gel tabs...never again!! i don't even like thinking about that part of the experience much..
  15. just got back home from bar crawling...and yes..its back to Prem Joshua - Lahore Connection
  16. i donno if the new Menog album counts as full-on...if it does...its KILLARGH!!
  17. true! vocals can be good OCASSIONALLY: hallucinogen - angelic particles!!!!!! thats about as far as good vocals go in psytrance...the rest doesn't qualify as prytrance IMO.
  18. Prem Joshua - Lahore Connection I love this guys work!!! some of the most ethnic chill-out Iv ever heard. the sitar and flute in this track are like none other!!
  19. aah..i see we are talking about DELETING stuff...Id have to go with: Rinkadink - Pirate Signal didn't really get into this one....yet...maybe a couple of years down the lane i'll hear it again and think its a masterpiece!..who knows..such is the beauty of psytrance.
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