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  1. Psymeditation - compiled by Organic Records (just started) tuned into DI's chill station.
  2. Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? its been playing on repeat for the past several hours...took it out before the CD started to melt in the player.
  3. yes...keep looking. hope for the best and prepare for the worst. by now u will have probably realized that most of the best music in this genre is almost impossible to find in the original CD. happy hunting.
  4. found my Trust in Trance II CD I had been looking for for the past year and a half...it was in a friend's car (he doesn't even listen to trance so never bothered to play it and left it sitting at the bottm of his pile of CD in the car)...good to have it back so feels like new!!
  5. same here edit: Skazi - GaySpace (Scrotum Caos Brutal Rmx Fuck Off Destrayer RMX)
  6. theres lots of tracks that share the same 'elements' in psytrance...nothing new...
  7. sounds very tempting right about now...
  8. zodiac youth - devils circus (our very own elysium's remix)
  9. Folks, I am sorry to report that due to some recent developments, this album release will have to be delayed till further notice...
  10. biot - oxygen orgasm just finished... ticon - mona bone
  11. i heard they were splitting up? i guess not:)
  12. Chi-A.D. is one of those artists that no one really talks about but everyone knows. Im just a bit dissapointed that I won't be hearing much new Chi-A.D. Anyway, I picked up my copy of Infinitism a couple of years ago and can say without a doubt that its one of the best purchases I'v made - CD wise. There is not a single track on this CD that isn't good. As has been said earlier, a lot of these trax have been released on other CDs so one can look at this CD as a 'best of' comp. The track that stands out for me is by faaaaar "The Flame". It is guaranteed to get you moving. The remix of this track (on another CD) doesn't do justice to its power. Another thing I love about Chi-A.D. is the track lenghts - they are nice and long. Iv been noticing lately that almost all psytrance trax are in the 6 minute range - I like long trax that take me on a journey so the newer music doesn't really cut it. Im not saying that a track has to be long to be good, it doesn't - LSD is a prime example - but it has to have a story and I don't really like short stories much. Overall, one of the better releases to come out of the goa/psytrance genre. A must buy for those that don't have this CD yet.
  13. sorry to disappoint you further but half of shpongle songs are samples, some of which iv heard on discovery channel even. but as RHA said, it depends on the track and how the sample is used...
  14. Katayama - Spiral Spit Trickk never heard this before (online radio) and must say i rather like it...
  15. If I can get a couple of other ppl to come with me, I'll probably try and hit it up...too long a drive from GA to do on my own...getting there is okay...getting back will be a biatch!
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