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  1. Alex (Benguela, Open Records) news to me that we have anyone named alex playing for us
  2. Open Records has finally joined the digital revolution!!! our tunes are available from www.beatport.com, please come check it out if you havent already got a copy of Slow-Release!!! keep your ears tuned, we will soon be releasing 4 Digital EP singles as well... Wombat EP (featuring original track + remix) Fog vs V-Point (featuring original + exclusive digital track) D-Sens EP (featuring the hits Save the Children + Tribalizer) SCS - Nameless Blameless EP (featuring the smash hit remix by Antix and the original SCS track originally released on Zenon Rec
  3. all agreements with mr ventura... all tracks on this release are goldclass. continually evolving and pushing a fresh, original style... Sensient without a doubt to me one of the most innovative artists out there. Cuedos to Tim for another sick release! just got a glipse of the cover artwork too and it looks mighty fine too.
  4. Woooo Foot-E and Jules really got a wicked comp going here. SCS Pedestrian is one of my favourites ever, who will forget the first time it blasted from the stack at RSF2005. Epic moment in my trance history! Big respect and full support to some of the nicest lads in the Aussie trance scene!
  5. Thanks for the support guys, its much appreciated! Sound samples are now online at www.twohandsdistribution.com/rel.htm Come have a listen! Release date is around the 1st of October in time for the Audiogasm festival in Cairns. Of course it will be available at your usual outlets (psyshop.com, saikosounds, etc) and digitally as well- sometime in the week following. Shops wanting copies should contact sales@twohandsdistribution.com For any further info, check our myspace at www.myspace.com/openrecordsaustralia, our full website www.open-records.net will be online too. personal
  6. SLOW-RELEASE Open Records proudly presents Slow-Release, a stellar collection of deep progressive tunes compiled in Tropical North Queensland, Australia by Suspekt & Woodsman. Slow-Release (adjective; "sLO-ri-"LEs) : Slow-release is a strategy in material science in which a chemical compound is introduced into a system at a reduced speed. Slow release systems work by reducing the diffusion of a chemical, therefore slowing its intake into the system. Slow-release combines the beneficial effects of applying a single large dose distributed over a long time in small quantities.
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