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  1. I ripped this track from an old oakenfold set and to me it sounds like MWNN, anyone who recognise this remix?
  2. These new tracks are much better then his previous stuff, very oldschool sounding
  3. Music doesnt get better then this, i wish people made regular trance and progressive oldschool as well.
  4. Fucking amazing stuff, this is how goa should sound like. Oldschool
  5. I really hope its Felipe because he is one of my favorite producers. Oldschool to the bone!
  6. I love labels who releases unreleased stuff or vinyl only tracks, more old school!!
  7. I didn't even know about this cd until today. This is really an amazing cd, pure old-school stuff with alot of acid!
  8. Filipe Santos is one of my favorite producers today but i cant seem to find any facebook or news about him. He created a label "Moontrip Records" last year and released a cd: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Luna-Nova/master/521297 Does anyone know where i can contact him?
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