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  1. Hey guy's... I have an idea about making a post with tutorials that can help people who just started... Because you remember yourself trying to do something in the past and how easily and quickly you can do it now... For this and about feeling mercy to the real noobs (i am a noob to but i know a piece) i invite you all to write here whatever you think will be usefull to noobs or even pro's. i said i am a noob before so will start with a FRUITY LOOPS KICK TUTORIAL N TIPS First of all you have to choose a right sound that you like... you can use the fruity sample kick's or you can make your own with soundfore or what or even download some of them... I upload some of them cause i didn't remember where i found them http://rapidshare.com/files/24585734/faxiMegaKicks.zip.html All right after you have your kick in your pattern you can play with the pogo knob [i think half left is nice for psytrance] you can normalize or cut the out of the sample a bit. Then you can add some effects like EQ for boosting a bit the bass and the medium.[i like EQ2 in fl7 and kick preset with a little tease. And of course compression [i like the brickwall preset in fruity loops and lowerin the gain knob] You can also add bass boost but is a bit tricky to use it nice [i think it's nice around 75 freq is good] remember not to do it to long. And of course is played 4/4 in the pattern. That's all i had to say... soooory for bad engliz plz if you find some mistakes post them here... waiting for your tutorial :lol:
  2. the only thing that comes in my mind is to load the track into a dj software and cut the bass or medium or high of the part you want and record it :P
  3. i make music to extract from my head all this weirdness and put it in some notes sometime's it fullfills me...
  4. ok dude i use fl studio too and i am really a begginer... Kick Try pogo a bit left your kick and adding some effects like boost bass and compression Bass Try to make the bass sound little like this: and then use the arpeggiator with no range and 2 repeat hope i helped ohoh and about the notes after you use the arpeggiator try this ok try all this just for testing them... after this use your imagination. tell me opinions
  5. Hi again i just made an intro and a beat. and i really need opinions... Download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/16187124/My-CL0ck.mp3.html
  6. you know what i am not a really good psytrance produce but i think your tempo must increase a bit about 145-155 to make it sound blowing i like tracks with quick bassline's and lots of intrestin(not boring breaks) to build intension but you know this is just my opinion [ i am not a good produce but i hear psytrance 4 years now] as the syntesizer i found it preety nice and good :rolleyes:
  7. thnks guys you know i am not really confused on the sound of the bass but i am a bit confuse about the notes(to make it sound a bit groovy) and the effects to use on the bass...
  8. Thanks guys i didn't found the albino i found blue but i really confuse about how to use the apregiator i will do some sarch but thanks
  9. Hey guys waz up??? I am using Fl studio 5 and i have the idea of creating psychedelic trance... But i am a bit difficult in creating some nice bassline... :angry: Do i need some other samples or some vst??? plz don't tell me to use another program cause i really don't have the time to do learn it... So just please share your knowlege with me. I really like paranormal attack basslines. :rolleyes:
  10. thnks for the book dude and for your comments i am downloading right now i hope it helps!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. hmmmm yes i guessed it i know i am a doctor in music but ok thanks a lot guys... if anyone tries out on the contest good luck!!!
  12. thnks for your comments you know i just use my ears for production and what soundz good and what not if you see something that's don't sound good to you tell me. Hi crazyboris dr means dear???? :lol: :lol:
  13. Hi 2 all in this forum... I am 18 years old and i listen to psychedelic/goa trance 2-3 years now i have made a song note exactly a song but you know it is 2 minutes... I use fl studio about 5-6 months a i am really a noob/begginer so i wan't from you guys if you can waste a bit of your precious time and post some opinios/criticals :rolleyes: i really don't know much about music notes or these things and i would appreciate any help. Ok download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/10786904/Psy.mp3.html i say thanks for now cause i know you will help and sorryz about my bad english blah blah blah
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