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  1. GUYSSSSS, HELLOOOOO, we are talking about psytrance with minus 8( you read it right -8) percent sales in the music market. No ass, would give us any money but our community, and that if they buy the music If you wamt money, you should produce pop shit or sum...hehe
  2. As a kid my dad bought me a air organ, on which I tought myself several oriental melodies, since I come froman oriental background. Then this organ was collecting dust till it disappered, I don't know anymore what happend to it. As teenager (in 70s and 80s) I felt very much drawn to pink floyed and michael jackson's music, which prompt me to make my own selection cassettes. In late 80s I was introduced into prodigy and Jean Michel Jaar and hiphop, which I liked very much and again selection tapes. In early 90s I was exposed to Speed and MDMA in conjunction with house and Rave music, which catapulted me into the obssesion for electronic beats. The next music genre was acid goa which I was partying heavily on, of course accompanied by MDMA and speed. The early fast Goa sound wasn't realy apealing to my ears, till I discovered the early psytrance, on which I for the first time dared to take LSD. That was then my destiny written on stone, that I want to make this music, realizing my own ideas. And I still take LSD on very few parties I go on, but I am now very picky which party I go on not wasting my time. And I don't do drug while making music or playing out, since it gets me out of focus........my little story....
  3. you don't need a studio..... All you need is a PC, a DAW, 2 LCD monitors, monitors, and software instruments and sampler OR a laptop and a head phone ...But you know that
  4. I make music because my professional job sucks, but I have to do it for money. I will reduce my working days soon from 5 to 4 days a week, inorder to produce a music that has a -8% sales factor I make music because it is an infinite challange and possibilities, and it is the infinite joy. Why are you asking this question , man? Do I ask you why you breath?
  5. I got here fireface800 on my home setup. it never let me down.
  6. Oh ya, my bad It depends if you wanna mix your tracks live or just wanna play your tracks through your laptop. in the first case I would get a smaller interface with 2xIN and 2x Out @ 24 bit from a reputable company like RME, Tascam or Motu, which is cheaper. In the second case I would go with motu or RME depending on your budget. Don't get PCMCIA card, there is a risk of banging it somewhere and break the card and the socket. Get USB2.0 or firewire. They are both good.
  7. I know, I am a medicus. Cool name, Mycosis
  8. go with a high spec Vaio, Dell or MacBook Pro . Period.
  9. Here it goes. These are the tools, settings and patterns. Once you got these, then you go tweak the cutoff on Albino in rhyme to taste( inmy setup I assigned CC 16 controller to one of my AN1X knobs http://download.yousendit.com/150AF75E608A0C2B sorry , it didn't work with image link
  10. You call a modular synth easy You can basically do it with any serious sounding synth.
  11. What are you doing for living , man? I admire you that you got so much free time. I got a very delicate fulltime job that interferes with my music making. I come home like a dead corps and eat and then realise howmuch I was drained by people and work. I will cut it down to 3 days a week soon to produce some serious tracks.
  12. IMHO there is a difference as far as Goa/Psytrance concerns. I see melody as a note sequence, which consists of a broad variaty of single short notes at a very slower speed in contrast to the groove or background beat, like you hear in old school goa tracks. The modern psytrance lacks this feature. Instead you have a fast note progression, which doesn't vary alot and is sometimes even faster than the groove/beat.
  13. Yeah , I lowered the background to demo it better.
  14. Thanks man. Why not telling? I hate Jealousy. Check back a bit later I like your nickname. Decease is cool I'm thinking, if I should call myself Candida Albicans or Herpes or somethin
  15. Thanks sisters For all your thoughts. They helped alot. Now I am the happiest dude on earth. This is the result: http://download.yousendit.com/0BCFA33C50D0D284 Mine is grittier, hehe
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