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  1. i tried very hard to master this ... there are no redlines ... try and make sounds clearer, fuller. its very tough tho and havent achieved the sound i want!! i agree the music is quite messy, but i like tunes full of noises. when i hear a minimal-tune i get bored fast! its a personal thing thx for the listen and comments
  2. hehe. to illustrate better: create like this: SUB MATRIX SUB COPY MATRIX then in each Matrix alternate full notes: F_F_ _F_F its just something u cant do with one matrix alone, but u can do it with the sequencer! plus u can do some other neat tricks
  3. ya! sorry, i didnt want to rain on this thread or your advice. stick with reason, its a wonderful tool. dont pull your hair out trying to get the perfect psy bass with it. i tend to use the Bass Guitar setting alot. works pretty good. another thing u can try, if you are using Matrix for your bassline, is make two Subtractors with the same bass, then use full Matrix note, and alternate every other note in each Matrix. hope that makes sense! it will make your bass fuller.
  4. ive been using reason for over a year and can never get the kind of bass i truly want for psy. i can make some nice bass, but not the stuff u hear from the pros. i really think u have to go to a VST to get the best bass!
  5. really good points.. altho i still think that its wrong to be instantly ripping the new CDs at highest quality and distrubiting them. makes it tough for people to justify buying!! hopefully the labels will try something like the strategy i mention above. yeah, if it wasnt for mp3 there are many tracks i would never have heard, or be able to listen to now. like MFG Sunshine!! i wish i could buy the CD but its not for sale.
  6. wow ! i cant believe i missed Dancing with Kadafi before. thanks for the refresher
  7. Thanks!! i always wanted to try movie music. altho, in my song, you'll find sounds from movies already, so i cant claim credit for all the nice sounds!!
  8. not at all. how can you equate an artist not getting $20, and a girl getting raped? thats bullshit and you know it. i think people who dont buy CDs are idiots too, and hurt the scene. the worst are the people who RIP all the CDs at high quality for everyone else to get free. but stealing an mp3 and stealing a wallet are two different things. in one case you are copying an idea. in the other case you are moving a material object. if an artist truly does not want people to listen to their music for free, then they should never release their tunes to the public!!! they know the risks, and the facts about this world, as soon as they release these tunes they will be everywhere. a smart artist keeps some tunes and plays them first at festivals, so that people come pay to see them, then release them later. the real living that a musician makes, IMO, is from playing gigs.
  9. hmm interesting! i will have to go back to it and listen. when it came out, i listened to it many times. and didnt like any tracks ... kinda liked PGM. but i will listen to it again because, much art is so far beyond the times, u can only like when u go back to hear it later
  10. hi! i made this track. at first i was trying to make psytrance but i didnt know what psytrance BPM was. LOL!!! so its a little faster than normal. also i have problems EQing/mastering to bring the full volume out. if someone has advice please share!!!!!! i am using L3 only. link is through here (Visit then DL) http://foem.info/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1077 cheers, dave
  11. ive seen him twice excellent DJ hope he notices me producing psy in the next province
  12. my favorite is Converting Vegetarians. it has Elation Station, i love that song!! well, the middle of it is a little odd, but the rest is amazing. also Jeenge and Drop Out... so good. plus many other incredible moments hidden throughout. i really didnt enjoy their dancey tunes until IM the Supervisor.
  13. just curious as to why everyone loves BP Empire so much?
  14. you are messed in the head to say that. i buy all the CDs for which i want to own the tracks. but they all get a listen by download first... how else can i know what to buy? what artists and labels might do, is release 128bit versions of albums early on the mp3 networks, with little promotion clip at the end of each song. before the RIPpers put out the 320bit VBR versions. that way the medium-quality version spreads. and more people would opt to buy the full quality versions.
  15. yes i own it, and it has its moments i find it mostly dark tho
  16. just ordered: TIP World - Purple Shpongle - Nothing Lasts Theoreme - Less Is More thats jsut a small one tho. i got like 20 in my shopping cart at psyshop.
  17. awesome i like my psy either really angry or really happy
  18. not that i know of!! maybe sub6, infected mushroom, bizarre contact has a few similar tracks. but psysex are such amazing producers, its tough to find an equal.
  19. astrix uplifting? i think of him as "cool dark", not evil, but hardly happy ive built a nice collection of uplifting psy. i wont mention the very obvious ones, like IM or AP try: fractal glider - tabla trek (my favorite) pop stream g-light psysex ticon also, try a search for my mix "dont let go of the moon" on soulseek. it will appear somewhere also some tunes i made, which im not sure if i should release publicly. if u want one, pm me
  20. you need Waves it will greatly improve your sounds, and has quick, effortless mastering tool and Sonic Maximizer is good for high end sounds. you must also learn side-chain compression (with Waves) as for more, i dunno... cuz no one in my area produces so i cant see how its done.
  21. I also give thumbs up to Cubase+Reason Unfortunately its not too stable, and you must learn alot. But its the best software setup I can think of... great for psy!! some notes:' STARTUP start cubase start reason, then load your reason song load your cubase song CLOSE close your cubase song close reason close cubase i find these orders are the fastest way.
  22. yeah its not perfect, or intuitive. you have to set other things too, not just the loop knob. set sample start to the end. and some other tricks. i read this trick in a magazine somewhere but forgot. i find its easier to reverse everything with Soundforge
  23. I find Live very simple to use but it is perfect for livePA really good for drums and short melodies. but terrible for quick stopping/starting, bad for long melodies and complex. I believe Live is designed for house and techno music. for composing the midi editor is nasty, worse than reason's Who wants to press ctrl+1 and crtl+2 everytime to draw a long/short note.. grr if anyone knows how to use the MIDI composer interface better please give me tips!!
  24. sundrop


    love it? i hate it! it eats up my time jk its good to find psyheads here that arent too worried about $$$ just love the tunes!
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