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  1. CPU - laptop orgy or this song i made, not totally psytrance, but kinda: its very scary in the middle http://foem.info/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1077
  2. you can reverse with the NN19 use the loop knob would be great if Redrum had reverse switch.
  3. sundrop


    I LOVE PSYTRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best music ever
  4. MFG - Sunshine ...i wish i could get a high quality version of this track...
  5. please dont take this advice too literal if you ignore reason you miss out on a whole world of possibility!! there are amazing thing you can do with reason, the only thing that compares is Reaktor5! and you can combine reason with cubase!!
  6. Reason is not a dead end, only if you lack skill and imagination. Reason is very powerful and unique! Treat Reason as a tool and you will succeed. I recommend Cubase tutorials by Ask Video. You will just have to make track afte track until you get good. Its all about experience. It might take you a year to get comfy with this program!! But its worth it. Since you are familiar with Fruity I recommend you start with using the GM Drum maps. Create a MIDI track, then set it to GM Drum mode. Add sounds to it or load Battery2 VST. This will give you a Fruity-like composing interface. I think in time you will think FL interface is horrible. It is great for instant music making, but beyond that FL has the worst user interface ... worse than cubase! haha. You might also want to try Ableton Live. Its very easy to use and sounds great too. Unfortunatly for sequencing, I think Live has a really bad midi editor. The only thing I think is better than Cubase is Logic 7... but then u need Mac!!
  7. i would like to collaborate with Reason i dont find using Cubase/etc fun to do over internet, too much crashing, Reason is best because you can send the song back and forth! if you are interested, contact me!
  8. what a crybaby!! am i supposed to feel sorry for hurting your feeling? because you give this excellent music 1/10? what the f*ck happened to reality? are we in the moron matrix? go make an album as half as good as Nothing Lasts, then come back and i'll apologize! after all, you only have to accomplish over 0.5/10, right? should be easy.
  9. you are a fool. i usually dont agree with traveller, but he's right here. even if you dont like it, you should have enough brains to respect this art. no, you would rather cry and secretly hope simon visits you and makes you a special song so you can relive your glory days. i rate it 9/10
  10. more good stuff!! thanks as for the fruity effects... copy the DLL's into your cubase VST directory. you may be able to use them that way.
  11. arrange with copy'n'paste over a period of 3-4 minutes: start the song with 1 track, then keep adding the other tracks till you get to your peak. during this stage, do not make new sounds. next, drop back to a couple tracks. then rebuild for another 3-4 minutes. u now have a tune! complete with buildups and breakdown!!
  12. ghost copying might help you erase all but the first file and use: ctrl-k or ctrl-d then replace the first audio file in audio editor i guess you should use MIDI next time
  13. i like it too i have a track to submit too!!
  14. im not an expert in this but will give you my advice: to eliminate noise: - if you are plugging your microphone into your computer, you WILL ALWAYS have noise. therefore buy a mixer with nice mic input. now if you already solved that problem, here are others: - line noise: if you have wires crossed, or audio wires running parallel to electrical wires, etc, this will cause noise. you must take care to give your audio cables the best route possible for quality. no interference! - your microphone cable will make noise when it moves. dont move it. - your hand makes noise on the microphone. dont move your hand. etc. a good idea is a solid microphone stand so you dont have to touch it at all!
  15. I like Semantic Spaces the best. Karma is great too! Its funny because now I hear remixes and tribal chants from Delerium and people claiming this is brand new stuff
  16. infected mushroom is great, a few grumblers on message boards dont like em tho. i think their earlier stuff is great to listen to while you sit or drive. their newest stuff is better for dancing and partying. i've never seen any psy act get people dancing like IM does. ive seen some psy DJs do it, but said DJs dont produce all their own music.
  17. excellent! this is the type of thing i am lookin for thanks
  18. i would like to comment link dosnt work tho
  19. it is pretty easy to do but ive never gotten the results i expect with this feature it destroys the other parts of my songs!! i dunno y
  20. good advices. i will have to try that spektral delay. it looks confusing im quite familiar with the reverb trick as i use it alot. it is also good with reversing your samples, reverb, then re-reverse. in an attempt to make my own sounds last night. i discovered the best way is to lower ADSR to 0 everywhere. try and see. cuz i dont know anything really about synth so, i never tried 0 setting before. tis fun
  21. this card is a great deal! i have one. i never used the effects. can you use them as VST ?
  22. sounds great! shpongley. your sounds are very clear! and a good vibe. i suggest more trippy background noises in second half of the song, or some extra pads what do you use to produce?
  23. good intro most songs make me Fastforward right away yours keep my attention... those are good pad sounds good ambient maybe add some more "shorter" sounds here and there sprinkle em in
  24. you may not notice but there is one full track here for free download: Sundrop - Psybop its not quite psytrance. i dont know what it is. lol!!! any comments welcome its one of my first tunes ever, with poor/medium production quality, but it may give you an idea of how i lay out my other tracks. i like crazy buildups and unique explosions of sound! if anyone can name the movie sample i use in the middle, wins a magic prize!! cheers dave
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