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  1. Agree. Samples are big part of my productions, but u will never regocnize them even if u know the sample cd. U need to work with them. It is like abusing all fm-synths or all subtracitve synth if u say u abuse samples. Peace
  2. MAC is crap. IBM rulez Windows XP is the best of course at the moment.
  3. My main instrument is my computer. But i often make grooves with my hands and stuff like pens or any other stuff. And i got a flute and i want to learn it to play good, but i have no time to learn at the moment BTW Archimedes, nice avatar, Donnie Darko is a strange movie
  4. z3ta v-station the already mentioned ones and of course one of the best power-psytrance-vsti FM Spiralator
  5. Sometime i produced a track: LO-FI Massaker - Choose ur Destiny 165 bpm _ rough mix U can get it via e2dk network, its a free track so no problem to share it Here is the link: ed2k://|file|LO_FI_Massaker_-_Choose_ur_destiny_-_rough_mix_(Promo%202005).rar|6940573|4E38341A67AD0EEBF434A3B9A36384F9|h=S6CFPUP5CQYIVXY3UQPIOMMO3UZQBI2I|/ Copy and paste to ur e2dk client, like emule. Peace
  6. Check Oryx and Krumelur, both nice prog
  7. What is the crap u mean ? I don't know any crap, only some releases don't fit my taste. But this 'only crap is released' is just a lame hype.
  8. I have no vinyl, coz vinyl sucks, IMO
  9. Check this two threats from Isratrance, first one is a step by step tutorial to your full on bass written by Mike_a, second is the mother of all basses threat. http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/53266/forum/2 http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/56391/forum/2 They are both to big to copy and paste them, sorry Peace
  10. Lone Deranger is gay happy trance.
  11. NP Good that u got it now Tell me if u like it
  12. If u use the IE u can right-click the link and choose 'Save target as..', select place to save and then it should work. The file is a compressed file, RAR-format. If it still don't work i can send it u via email. Peace
  13. Agree 100% Nice compilation! About the review, yes u'd better posted here, i don't want to go anywhere and search it. So i havn't read it.
  14. Hello! Thanks for the nice words man Yes Kicksynth still isn't that good Peace man cu later
  15. I just updated the FM Spiralator to a new version. New specs: Of course it is still freeware Get the new version here: www.eyb-projects.net.tf Tell me what u think about the new version. Peace and greetz lofi / EYB
  16. U mean 'lo quality not really psychedelic trance' ?
  17. Me too It is genuis music. Of course there is also lot of other very good chill-out. But Sphongle is one of the best.
  18. U can use one pattern for 'Main Automation'. There is always already one called 'Main Automation' u can use this one and automate the volume during the track for one channel or whatever.
  19. No i am not a Vaishnuvist, but i like the pic Thanks for the info, better to know who i am using as avatar Cool that u like the track, the flutes are sampled, i am learning at the moment to play flute, but i have not much time for learning
  20. yeah, i also didn't like the Labytinth much. Not the kind of music i like to listen to.
  21. Thanks guys for constructive critics, always better then just a 'good' or 'bad'
  22. I think u also like 1200 Microgramms stuff Spacetribe stuff Violet Vision and maybe the new Menog album
  23. haha Traveller fucked up as always
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