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  1. Bump...someones gotta know this? Yes a crappy sample I know
  2. This party should be fuckin' sweeeet. It is summer time here in NZ now so it'll be a nice lot of camping in the outdoors. The location, Takaka Hill, is a legendary spot, there have been many significant parties happen there...its like a spiritual mecca for southern hemisphere partygoers. Now the organisers from various current and past crews, including Gathering, Full Circle, M*A*S*S*I*V*E, Visionz, Stardust, and others, are teaming up to put on this event. If you are going to be in NZ at this time I would reccomend to check it out. Can't go wrong mate!! www.canaanuprising.co.nz
  3. Hi all... I have heard this track a lot of times at psy trance doofs. It is somewhat of an anthem I guess. I've also heard at least 1 remix of it. Anyway I don't know the name or the artist even though it's probably someone really obvious (a little out of the loop right now)... I've made a really crappy rendition of the main riff, that is not exactly what it sounds like but hopefully enough to trigger some ideas. Please click on the link and let me know if you recognise this. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQAOEEIQ
  4. Oh I just noticed that the only difference of the Evolution 461 vs my 449 is the number of keys has one more octave, and theres 3 or 4 more assignable turning knobs. Personally I find the 4 octaves to be plenty, and I have never yet assigned every single knob in a track so if price is an issue the 449c would probably be just as good.
  5. Hello peoples, I am needing to get some practice with mixing some tunes. I know how to use real decks and stuff, but I don't have access to those all the time but I still want to figure out which of my tracks blend well together etc. So I need a software 'virtual mixer and turntables', something simple that I can rip my CD's onto my computer then use the wavs or MP3's to mix. I tried downloading one once but it was a piece of shit, totally sucked. So I'm just wondering if any of you know of one that is actually decent, preferably freeware or one with a decent demo period. Cheers!! -Zee
  6. I've got the Evolution 449C and it is fuckin sweet, so I think that one you have there of the evloution would be even better. Its USB connected and it is also powered via the USB, so its super easy to set up and recognises itself immediatley - plug and play! And its real easy to assign the sliders and knobs to things in your programs, like synth settings etc. But yeah all of those look pretty good. MIDI controlers are the shit!!
  7. Hi guys and girls I am getting into the more chilled out side of psychedelic tunes. Lately I have been collecting some stuff which is pretty sweet, artists like Bluetech, Waterjuice, some Aphex Twin, Pan Sonic, etc. I enjoy this stuff, but I'm looking for more. I've seen the 'chill reccomendation' posts here and checked out some of the artists, but I've found that a lot of the artists reccomended are along the lines of Shpongle, Bluetech etc. which are surely talented artists, but I'm looking for something different. A lot of the common chill artists have a typical bubbly, synthy, 'trippy' sound, and a lot of them use the same bass sounds. What I am looking for is stuff that is simple but complex at the same time. I mean its structure is not over filled with notes, but it is something that sounds interesting and catches your attention. I like music that focuses a lot on having interesting tones / frequencies, nice resonance etc. that gets built into a tune. Basically I'm just looking for some chill thats not the typical bubbly chill sound thats around at the moment. I'm especially interested in hearing some stuff with real instruments in it, or instrument / synth mix, but purely synth is ok too. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated!!! Or if you know of any sites with forums that are more about psychedelc ambient music, let me know. Thanks~!!!!
  8. Is it not a bad idea to DJ MP3's? I thought they were inferior sound quality. PS I am downloading one of the tracks now I'll let ya know what I think when its done! (Slow connection)
  9. Everyone does it differently, and even the same person will do it differently on different occasions! Also each part of a song will be made in a different way a lot of the time. I think this question is a little broad...maybe someone will have a better answer for you you though
  10. Thanks a lot for the input! Yeah, I already learned chords a couple of months ago, drew up some charts with them that I look at from time to time. Its all good to know!!!
  11. Mate, that track is fuckin sweeeeet!!! I'd say its my favourite one I've downloaded so far off this site...not that I download all of them due to slow connection speeds I find the track really lively, with a nice collection of different sounds. Good work Highlights would have to be the intro (good ambience), and I think the introduction of the kick is a successful manouver. I agree that some parts of it are not as original as others, but overall its a great track I would be proud of! No one is without their influences
  12. Thanks guys, I'll go do some reading through google... But just to clarify...say if a song was in 'C', does that mean that each note of a melody etc. is a note from the C scale? This whole business of making music just gets more and more complex just when I think I'm getting the hang of it theres another huge thing to learn! Oh well I guess it's all about persistence...keep on truckin!
  13. Hey all, I've heard a few times people talking about a song being in a certain key. What does this mean? And how do I make a song in a certain key? Is it to do with scales, chords, or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Yes, there is a LOT of psy on vinyl!!! Psyshop.com has many many titles, and pretty cheap too!! Best to order a few at once though, so you get your moneys worth with shipping.
  15. Ah yes, I will give that a shot, though it will be tedious!! Still, I would love to know if anyone can tell me how to make automation for a whole pattern (volume, pan etc) rather than just for each seperate channel.
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