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  1. Next time just referr to http://www.psychedelicplanet.com/mp3.php instead. Your music is presented here aswell. Regards Tigo
  2. Choices between CD's depends on personal prejudices. It is often easier to buy something close to the music we already like, instead of buying something way different and get use to it. When I go to the shop I usually listen to the music first, and I have usually preset my mind on a certain genre. The reason I write reviews is only to inspire people to take a look at the CD, and listen to the previews that often can be found on label-sites Personally I like all sorts of music, but I prefer to listen to techno in all genres, and by psychedelicplanet.com I mean to make the psychedelic culture more visible. I also hope to inspire some of those who haven’t set their mind up for something special, and perhaps those who normally don't listen to this sort of music, and therefore don’t know what to look for. You’re right that we can’t buy all the music we see and we can hardly prelisten to I all. Therefore I think my reviews can be a better help than to make decisions only by looking at the cover.
  3. Thanks alot for your feed-back The way i have choosen to review the CD is to decribe the feelings i got from the music and how it inspires me, including the cover. I allways keep an open mind free from prejudice about the artists and labels when im listening to the music. Your decription "commercial plastic" is not at all decribing the music, so tell me why you dislike it? ... I don't think it's the right way to review a CD, by comparing it with other CD's. I think the real trick is to tell what it is, instead of what it's not, and for me music is inspiration and feelings. Regards Tigo
  4. Hi there. I have reviewed the compilation Spaceboard from compact records... please let me know what you think www.psychedelicplanet.com/reviewSpaceboard Regards Tigo
  5. We already got a lot of fullon, progressive and minimal. But some of the newest genres that appear are Psylow and Psychill... check out our mp3-section on psychedelicplanet.com, it is updated almost daily, and you can download it all for free. The Future brings us more and better music than today due to the development of electronic equipment, which makes it possible to manifest the musical complexity of our mind in a better way, but what to call the future genres I can't tell. Please drop by See you in the Future Tigo
  6. We have now started doing reviews on our site PsychedelicPlanet.com and the first ones are up and running Megalopsy - Abstract Machine from Trishula Records Psyinjection from Psytropic Records tell me what you think Regards Tigo
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