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  1. Archimedes


    The first reply was correct. I listen to most genres of music (except I'm not much of a country fan) and I hang out with a diverse group of people. Go to gigs sometimes, any sort of live music venue will do. For instance, I love jazz bars because of the low key atmosphere and the great music. But of course, there are always those nights of drug taking and psytrance listening.
  2. Great song. Also, the Younger Brother song 'Evil & Harm' has a cool guitar line in it. And of course everyone knows that the Infected Mushroom song 'None of This is Real' has some awesome heavy sounding guitar.
  3. So I got the two CDs in the mail today from the radio station. They sent me the new Shpongle and Hallucinogen's Twisted. Awesome.
  4. I don't know exactly what the prize is.. but I hope its both!
  5. So, I was a winner in that contest. I just received e-mail notification and I sent them my full address so they could mail me the albums. I also told them that this website and forum are what got me to check out their website and show, so maybe they'll give psynews some props or something.
  6. Yeah I took part in the competition, but I have no idea how they choose the winners. *edit - is the show over?
  7. Ahh, I heard Angelic Particles there for a moment!
  8. Heh, yeah I woke up at 9:15. That's early for me because I have a damn midterm today at school. He does do a lot of GG remixes.
  9. Yeah, I'll definitely be looking for a mp3 of this later today.
  10. Haha, hey my Northern Mexican friend... Did you have to wake up early as well? Yeah, this was totally worth waking up early for..
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