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  1. Thanks Boohu and Recursion Loop. I have also been strongly advised to go for the Korg MS20, seems to be the most versatile and affordable synth. I think i will go for this one. Greetz
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will consider this one as well, however will have to replace my crappy laptop as well if i want a reliable instrument Greetz
  3. Hi Psynews members, i am new on this forum however sinking in the Goatrance since nearly 20 years. After hesitating starting producing music for the same amount of years, I finally decided to build my own studio, and aim is to produce (oldschool) Acidic and Melodic Goatrance. I would like to create songs the way they (every note) can be played live, and thus avoiding as much as possible using a DAW (which looks a big challenge since by the neture of Goatrance, variation in sound in expected every few seconds). Therefore i opted for the Roland Aira suite (TB3, TR8, MX1 and Syst
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