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  1. Thanks Boohu and Recursion Loop. I have also been strongly advised to go for the Korg MS20, seems to be the most versatile and affordable synth. I think i will go for this one. Greetz
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will consider this one as well, however will have to replace my crappy laptop as well if i want a reliable instrument Greetz
  3. Hi Psynews members, i am new on this forum however sinking in the Goatrance since nearly 20 years. After hesitating starting producing music for the same amount of years, I finally decided to build my own studio, and aim is to produce (oldschool) Acidic and Melodic Goatrance. I would like to create songs the way they (every note) can be played live, and thus avoiding as much as possible using a DAW (which looks a big challenge since by the neture of Goatrance, variation in sound in expected every few seconds). Therefore i opted for the Roland Aira suite (TB3, TR8, MX1 and System-1m (semi-modular synth)) and the Hybrid Roland JD-XI. So far i am quiet happy with the drums, bass sounds and effects i get out of my instruments, however am missing warm synth leads to create nice floating melodies/harmonics. What Synth would you advice to add into this setup to obtain what i am looking for? Honestly, have doubts about the reliability of second hand vintage synths (especially when considering this risk against the huge price which is requested for such synths). However am not complete against to consider the risk. I am open for Digital-Analog-Modular or regular suggestions. The form does not matter, only the sounds matters :-) Thanks in advance for your reactions
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