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  1. Thanks Slug for good spirit, I enjoyed it also.. the personal and direct communication works really well ... I would like more updates and maybe just small things like pictures or stories from dancefloors/partys/festivals... What I dont want is another promo news site but promo news should be there, but more like "quick presentation + link" ?! keep it uP!
  2. Some gothic trance , hmm a lot have been mentioned , but you can check out this; E.S.X.S. -New Hymns For Goddess [Mechanic Sound Records 2002] - Very nice album , abit special (for me atleast) ..
  3. Audialize - Full on chaos good good now; Sirius Isness - MK Ultra good day time full on, for me
  4. albums u have to have from 2002: 1200Mics - classic E.S.X.S. -New Hymns For Goddess , very nice stuff. Earthling - Patterns this for now
  5. I think boom is only every second year, so next time should be in 2006 .. boom
  6. Agree Frontier Psychiatrist,I liked his first album also (storm), but I dont like all this new stuff sad direction he have gone... i remember his live @ Boom 2002 rocking in the middle of the day, very good set (war,xtc and other "classix")..
  7. Trold!!! I want to go so bad, lets hope the money will be here then ...
  8. Jon Cocco: I had it but i deleted it It is very simple, just the same song with another bassline (almost) all the singing and stuff is still there.. the file name is: Britney spears - toxic (toxic rmx)-com.mp3 with a lot of _ and - between hehe ... its not good btw. I have warned you
  9. why wont psyshop ship to Estonia? If you pay with visa it should be the same wherever you live IMHO
  10. haha its very BAD!! Its the same song with a roling bassline, very bad!!! All the vocals and stuff are still there I dont want this to be called psytrance, im ashamed!!! Deleted.
  11. its a remix by toxic .. hehe i just had to hear this crap, so im downloading it now... review coming
  12. Late: Who is this Divinorum guy, more info please (im an amiga user aswell ) psytones: pleae add: my good friends in the psy project "Heggma" ..also from Norway, full power style
  13. Nice to someone else "enjoys" black metal here, but its much more commercial and much much bigger!!! fx. The (latest) Satyricon album have sold lots (one of the big BM groups) and have much media attention (also others), hehe underground bm`freaks think they have gone sell-out hehe... This is in Norway,I dont know about where you live, but i know Dimmu Borgir, Kovenant, Immortal and others have sold lots in Germany, Austria and so on..... its the same in all genres IMHO.... (Dont think G.M.S. or any other "full-on" artist have been in the TOP40 chart) But I agree, KEEP IT UNDERGROUND!!!
  14. made me smile aswell, great written banjankri !! thanks..
  15. its from south africa, psytones, u know shift, phyx and artifact ) I dont have this cd, but it looks very nice, i like the south african style .... (but its not availible )
  16. ep: LOL I think the line up sounds really cool, better than 2003 when i was there (and it was a very, very good experience....).. The romanian festival sounds better, but longer for me to travel so.... lets see whats happends
  17. yes ofcourse, 1200 mics is a very good suggestion..
  18. no, but you get some remixes: G.M.S. - Juice (Cortex Remix) G.M.S. - juice(brain damge mx) not released, so you have to search for them...
  19. Nice too see so many different opinions about this I voted: Friendly psytrancers, hehe for me this means: lots of; smiles,talking,drugs,dancing and good freak out !! This isnt cheating, is it ?? hehehe... Happy weekend people !!
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