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  1. now very seriously,, if want good DARK and TRippy d&b the look no further tha COUNTERSTRIKE !! they are a south african band from cape town - music right up my alley - label called ALGORYTHM buy vinyls http://www.djnexus.com/main_view.cfm/a/88425/Counterstrike they also just releaseed a singles cd compilation with all the vinyl track on it read about http://www.thebreakdown.co.za/issues/issue...terstrike.shtml ciao then enjoy
  2. hahaha,, yeah i like her producers work,,, so i threw that in the interview as a bit of a curve ball,,,
  3. Psyblog is a new concept that will inform everybody about what is happening in the world of Psytrance. Nexus Media who along with other labels and artists hope to keep the world updated on the progress of their work within the Psytrance scene, let you know release dates of CDs, partys, new music, new artists and generally anything to do with the scene or whatever they feel like its only been up a few days of testing now and i sent out mails to guys today,,, sheez we already have like 10 arists/labels signed up to do this and i recon more will come aboard soon,, confirmed:: Shift, Phyx, Xatrik, Artifakt, Slug, Triskel, Abominaion, ALchemy records, Fragile PLnet recs, Menog, Rinkadink and Digital Talk,,, its supposed to be something informal, another way of spreading information on the scene,, remeber its brand new so we still gotta get this thing really going,, come check it out at http://www.psyblog.org cheers have a nice day
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