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  1. Has anybody else liked "The Unexpected Visitor" as much as I did? The track is a pure bliss! Every time I listen to it, it puts me into such pleasant and warm vibe it's hard to forget. This album is wonderful! Definetly shpongle lovers wet dream. 10/10 Hell I'd even give it an 11
  2. Haha It's funny you don't like clean and well-made polished music. This album is definitely in the top 3 best of all time for me.
  3. Uth

    Aes Dana - Leylines

    Ok now I am starting to understand what people mean by "It grows on you". I find this album more enjoyable with each listen. Very relaxing. Amazing background music for sure... Great release.
  4. Uth

    Puff Dragon - Sazanami

    Thanks mate... will check it out.
  5. Uth

    Aes Dana - Leylines

    Is it just me or Aes Dana's recent works got very boring...
  6. Uth

    Puff Dragon - Sazanami

    Just randomly dug this album up from my brothers old library and gave it a listen. I can't stop listening since! This album is AMAZING. Especially tracks #2 Qi Gong and #8. Shimmer. Both masterpieces. I definitely recommend this album a listen! Totally awesome stuff. :clapping: I would love to hear more music from Puff Dragon.
  7. Thanks for feedback but I haven't exactly tried to be innovative. It was my first time doing something like this... But thanks anyway.
  8. Thanks mate! I gotta agree... the kick really does suck. And the bass needs work. I'll definitely do some more work on the mixing. Thanks a lot for feedback. Any more opinions are very much welcome.
  9. Thanks a lot for feedback... Will fix. Anymore opinions?
  10. This album is excellent! I love it! Just put it on and drift away. Very relaxing.. calm, laid back music.
  11. Hey everybody, Just wanted to hear what some of you think of this tune I made a while ago, Its the first track I ever did in this genre and never really got a good idea of what people thought of it. It's sort of a ambient/up-tempo laid back track. Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZYQPVTYZ So what do you think? Would you think it would be cool if I did more tracks in this genre. Thank you guys for everything. Peace
  12. Love that track! although its a very different style so It can't be compared. After listening to this album many time over... gotta say, I'm quite disappointed. It's not shpongle anymore... its something else.
  13. Uth

    Ott - Blumenkraft

    Is anybody else addicted to listening to "Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack"? The track is just a masterpiece....
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