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  1. Some heavy mental tracks from my mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg-p7EtrB14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y-7jLve0TI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfnbTdIoIRk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA0oOUHTFzU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csWY4rp4ZAw Will not be held responsible for induced hallucinogenic side effects!
  2. Downloaded and listening to it now. Great twisted fullon material, no fluff, very psychedelic, love it! Some of the artists I know like Talpa, Error Corrective, Electrypnose, Braincell. Could you tell me something about the others: recordlabel; albums or VA?? Would appreciate it.
  3. @reyu

    Koxbox - Dragon Tales

    I have seen Koxbox live last year at the same venue as I've seen Hallucinogen one year earlier. I was dancing on the same spot like always right before the speakers(at the left...don't ask me why). Both of them blew me away with their groovy everchangin' sound. Let's face it both these acts play in a different league. I don't think they give a damn about expectations, they clearly love what they are doing. This music is so addictive and gives me a better understanding of what psychedelic music should be. After the Koxbox-experience I got myself Dragon Tales and, whilst listening to it, I could picture myself again dancing like hell at the gig. I'm going to cherish these memories forever. These guys, both Hallucinogen and Koxbox, have the modern shamanic touch without any doubt.
  4. Imba sold his soul to fullon I checked Alienn out, listened to the samples and ordered it, thanx. Now for recommendations maybe Shift or Artifact I think you'd like. Labels Nexus or Timecode. You should definitely check Zybex, he has some nice tracks, Electrypnose is pretty good, Spacetribe...to name a few. My fullon mix is nearly finished, it's a lot UK fullon material, it's not that hectic but it has some old school touches and is IMO psychedelic trance the way it should be: hard & soft at the same time with enough depth to really lose yourself (check the tracklist @ Dj promotion Dj Treyu)
  5. What would a sad day be without Nick Drake? River Man:
  6. Comebackkit is monitoring this There was only one thing I could do, ding a ding dang my dang a long o ling long. Last thing I heard of @treyu is that he had had to be taken away in a straightjacket. Witnesses heard him yelling and ranting...something about re-releases. Hey now digga digga dow dow digga digga cigga cigga son of a gun Wow wow wigga wigga wow wow wigga wigga I'm on the run Why why why why why digga digga cigga cigga son of a bitch!! Wow wow wigga wigga wow wow wigga wigga up on the ritz Said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO woah woah woah woah woah woah woahhhhh Some dispute over...T-shirt sales Like this??? gotta a new topic on psynewsofftopic
  7. Haven't you guys done this already with SynSUN's Zelur Project & The full power of Goa. OK they weren't really re-releases hence never released on cd but it definitely comes close. If they are so keen on making money, then they should get a proper job as an executive or something like that. I've contacted my mom about this and she would love to re-release some of her classics. Especially "Cut it out" and "Kitchen Diaries" were only released as lim ed back in the 90's. Don't thank me thank mom :clapping: No...seriously good idea...If I do find a veteran willing I'll surely contact you. I'll contact the retirement home first and work my way up to the zoo...(section endangered species)
  8. Thanx Anoebis for shining a light on this + thanx for making Transdimensional available! Glad to hear this from you...as I said before...now and then a re-release won't hurt.
  9. You hit the nail right on top...you're making me cry here... In the 90's the music became much more serious and the genres more and more far between. While the 80's it was more about originality, doing your own thing. Not that I dislike music from the 90's, just an observation( and probably some nostalgia for my childhood ) Life was much slower paced, there was still a lot of space & time to wonder. When you had no girlfriend you just went up to a girl and asked her or borrowed one from your friend . No cellphones!!! Programs & games for your PC needed to be uploaded with little cassettes It's great to reminisce( and a little sad too ) Wow Tarzan Boy...haven't heard that one in along time... who has tracknames like that nowadays Sooo 80's
  10. ...and one of the greatest series about World War 2!
  11. Seems that there are still treasures to be found in this world. Great hunting by all you guys involved. I'm downloading and extracting the motherload.... Gonna listen to them now
  12. Strange... but true, I feel exactly the same. I'm 5 years younger than you but I was interested in music at a very early age. My mother told me I was singing the English lyrics from popsongs at 6 years of age. I remember taping the most popular songs from the charts on the radio each saturday...boy this brings back some great memories. I'm really glad I grew up in the 80's...the bad haircuts, the ridiculous outfits and the somewhat underrated popmusic made sense in a weird, trippy kind of way. Sandra had indeed a few hits back then...and boy did she look great! Every schoolboy's fantasy she was...Maria Magdalena is indeed a great track! In the heat of the night is another one: another fav Pet Shop Boys: It's a sin...give's me the chills every time These songs are like a timemachine for me...precious! BTW now I'm listening to some of Stevie Nicks 80's works...you should check her out too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQcrf_iaRrE
  13. "Daddy...what does regret mean?" "Well son...a funny thing about regret is...it's better to regret something you HAVE done than to regret something you haven't done!"
  14. Other Alice in Chains tracks: Rain when I die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMm0bpbOOkU Down in a hole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-xa3GkJmVE&feature=related I Stay away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIg6EpZK_X8 Dinosaur Jr: Little fury things Water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMm0bpbOOkU Raisans R.E.M: Bad Day Imitation of life David bowie: I'm deranged The Smashing Pumpkins: Eye ...and some other sad moments lying around in my collection...next time maybe
  15. I want to ask you Mars if it was worth the while to re-release Transdimensional by Dimension 5. Was it a big risk financially? Did it cost more then other Suntrip releases? Was it a good seller and thus did you break even? Could you elaborate on these questions? I'm curious...
  16. Short, to the point and very funny everytime I read this... Skazi's bottom biatch "Did I hear a rolling bassline in track two?" (asked God after Jesus explained what new(old)school is all about) BTW I liked Technosommy's comment about Infected too These are reviews that actually make you go buy records unless you are Skazi's bottom...well you know... Thanx Artha for experimenting, don't really know what to think listening to the album...I think it has to grow on me... maybe because nothing else sounds like it (maybe Hallucinogen yes indeed)
  17. I'm gonna do just that, thanks...have to work on being patient though But let's talk about reissues here ...any suggestions on your behalf...something you really want but can't seem to find
  18. This is something I wrote for the Simon Posford appreciation topic where Infected Mushroom, and what I thought of them playing live 2 years ago just before Hallucinogen, plays a minor role. NOTE: I had never seen Infected Mushroom before that occasion I remember seeing him live in octobre of the year 2008 after Infected Mushroom( whom went clearly the pop direction and sucked big time: a drummer...why??? a guitar player aarrrgghh!!! and a singer/rapper???). Anyways back to Godford; finally it was his turn after he personally got rid off those infected guys. From the first notes you could hear this was going to be something to be reckoned with, no happyhappyjoyjoy trance. Modulated, grinding sounds came out of the speakers like none you heard of before, chemically enhanced acidlines twisting and turning, the occasional melody to turn you into a manic frenzy...No words... The music is in effect...What a trip!!! It was over too soon..."time flies when your having fun" I could hear Simon say, now who could argue with that! I was still in shock(read trance), went out for a breeze and never came back. This is it ... it doesn't get any better than this... thank you God and thank you Simon!!!
  19. I can only agree on this one...and on a positive note: because of the reissue of your album I was able to buy me a hard copy! But now back on topic. Do you, Elysium, want to see a classic re-released? Some albums still missing in your collection?
  20. The Infinty Project: Mystical Experience(RE Avatar). I received it a few days ago and what I heard already sounds great, very good psychill indeed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MhXgMh-A0c
  21. Support the artist...buy the CD...That's what I thought a minute ago. OK they own the copyright but come on...I guess that's the way it works in reality. If you're a famous popstar you don't really need the money from a reissue but you're hardly a popstar. It's a shame
  22. I really don't know anything about what it takes money wise to do a reissue. You are an artist so I think you know what you're talking about. You're album Dance of the celestial beings has been re-released. That I know because I've bought it a few years ago. Do you, the artist, benefit from it in terms of exposure or financial gain? And did Avatar take a big risk to re-release it? I'm just curious.
  23. Then I'm REALLY glad it's not about making tons of profit... You're totally right...the hunt being better than the catch and all that. Don't get me wrong, I like to visit those little recordshops or websites and try to find that rare album... but to some extend(and the fact that I can't speak Finnish doesn't help either hence HUUTO.NET is a bloody Finnish site )
  24. Actually the topic title is: Which "classic album" should be re-released?...according to YOU! I'm still waiting... Wether it makes sense to you or the recordlabel is quite...well dare I say...off-topic
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