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  1. word of a magic man! they knew what they did! who are you? anyway no complaint except there's a fly in my asd ... damnit
  2. thumbs up! btw... who of you is active at bluelight.ru forum (username? mine is 'phsycho')? i had some bad experiences there with one deleted and one locked thread.
  3. blue planet corporation - blood plan cooperation x-dream - y-dream
  4. you got so fast rich of it that now you can't handle all the information in only your second post here. correct? Or who made a second account for this lame joke? (edit: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_posts&mid=16356 it's a bot) I don't own anything out of it. it's freeforums which gains ads money for their hosting service. when you use something like NoScript plugin for Firefox you won't see an advertisement cause you just disable jasvascript of the ads provider or any other domain. i'm sure a lot lazy psy heads just come over to read .... but what do you expect from only 30 members? wikipedia has got at least 500 regular authors.
  5. maybe it's rather simple than boring beats and rhythms. but what other goa/psy critique have you heard so far?
  6. ah comeon! boring beats and rhythms ever have been goa/psy's most hard critique. there must be other good examples .... i dunno but double dragon - dice has a groovy type of rhythm ... the track is totally aligned on it. shiva chandra - splud pots - mind modulator and candy from the strange side(totally repetives but beats sound nice on good setup or headphones) any new examples?
  7. satan satan satan !!! - what happened?
  8. listen it here ... only available for a short period: http://www.plutocracycaust.org/01-ubar_tmar_-_rhythmism_1.mp3
  9. Ubar Tmar - rhythmism (1) starts to get very drummy at minute 7 ... different shaking .. wow! any more?
  10. sandman - loop in control etnica - shadow of myself
  11. i possibly heard about a secret (psynews) off topic forum which already has been running for a while.... uh uhh uhh ahh ahhhh ahhhhh uuhh uuh --- unconfirmed x-file remix.
  12. recently i listened to 'Lumukanda - an army of R-ants' and i got appetite for more. when this tune played (shuffled on headphones) the other music from that evening instantly seemed insignificant. and hey ... the initial review from 2001 was my first ever psynews.org post!
  13. Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his LSD intentions... find out more @ off topic forums Letter From LSD-Inventor Albert Hofmann to Apple CEO Jobs
  14. 79. it's the only trance genre which has some integrity left (from http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/) 80. the answer to the question of where are the new hippies
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