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  1. to the original poster...i think it'd be great downloading legitimate MP3s. A Psy/goa Mp3 site would be the only type I'd actually pay for...
  2. yeah..that boat accident is bad news.. as for the current vibe, i was there last summer and yes, the psy scene had diminished a bit from my previous visits but it was still tbere..and the parties near thong sala still had that 'in the jungle, free-vibe, chill ' groove that I had found years earlier....peace
  3. I actually consider myself a '"raver" (though of an old school variety) that likes psy...
  4. Yeah, I've been lookin pretty hard for psy parties but it's been looking bleak after a few years...will just have to wait for my next trip abroad to try to satiate my thirst for the stuff...(psy)
  5. haha..thanx for the warning , Hels..I will proceed with caution... thanx to everyone else for the warm welcome...peace
  6. yes, u can acquire whatever u might be looking for at KPG...the infamous full moon party is a bit commercialized and cheesy but u will find at least a few venues thumpin psy...not the majority, but a few...as for the party i mentioned..it was not in Had Rin(the full moo party beach) but at Hat Thien...a 10 minute boat ride from Had rin..there are black moon, half moon and parties goin on all the time on the island..with a LOT of Psy Dj's spinning their stuff...to avoid the masses more interested in shakin their rumps to britney spears drunk on thai whisky, better to avoid the full moon party altogether....peace
  7. Thanks for the welcome, Gnome and to Overdose.... would Freq's recent CD, Strange Attractors be in the psygressive genre? That CD is near perfect and a nice break from the usual stuff I listen to. I only wish they played any type of psy(let alone full on) all night where i am..the psy scene here is nearly non-existent..i know of 1 local DJ who spins psy...and for one hour on an early saturday morning each week. About 5 of us happily dance when he steps up to the decks as the rest of the crowd scatter, frustrated that their breaks, hard house and DnB were sent on a short hiatus...
  8. i sure am glad I found this site..a lot of great information and lively discussion about the psy scene and the music. Been to listening and worshipping the psy gods for about 3 years now so I really don't know the 'old school' goa many of you folks reminisce about. The artists I enjoy seem to fall into the 'full on' category that many of you seem to depise or ignore. I didn't know about the various psy sub-genres til i got here..and now, i'm a bit confused. However, I'm glad i now have an avenue to take in more and more info on what I feel is the vehicle through which the 'spiritual matrix' flows....PSY! peace
  9. Hi to all the fellow psy-addicts out there. I am fairly new to the psy/goa scene (been about 3 years now) and got my first real taste of it in Koh Pha Ngan,Thailand. I can still remember that first party , located deep in the woods somewhere, taking a boat through pitch blackness , finding the actual place just by the thumping of the music..only about 50 people, but what a party and what a vibe...just wondering if others on this forum have ever been to this magical place. My life was changed here mainly due to the fact that I stumbled onto psy trance. I cant ever go back to 'mundane'...peace
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