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  1. its very close to the station whitechapel. turn right when u come out and walk 5 minutes. ull see it. q-bar. its nice and very stylish. party all weekend. ask for V inside.
  2. there is a new club in whitechapel. definitely very nice.
  3. who said psytrance was dead? LOL @ whoever said it there is a whole day on glastonbury this years man. psytrance will be real big soon (at least in UK).
  4. a very tough guy i know and respect does 3-4 hours of workout everyday to full on psytrance with dumb-bells in his hands. another friend is a martial artist who always does his martial arts training to psytrance. and im starting daily physical workout/martial arts training/active meditation now lol. very nice. u should try.
  5. eh can i get that huge explanation too?
  6. this years one was wicked believe me. big collaboration u know. all the big ppl made it, not just the liquid guys. they charged 15 pound or something like that. i dont remember, i didnt pay anything ;/. yeah c u definitely at a party man.
  7. nice one kool-aid. im talking about the party with liquid connective and acid monkey on new years. there were about 3000 ppl. hehe yeah sky doesnt like that stuff. actually this weekend im in germany but next week ill be back in UK. have a good time. peace.
  8. never heard of rex. stratford yeah i gotta couple of ppl there got to check it out. well delars, i dont know what kinda places u go to but i only go to underground parties. we had the fukin biggest one in london on new years eve. 2 days party yeah. and inside everyone is doing everything and havin a good time u know. only K is banned. what about mass in brixton? what u think about that place?
  9. yeah im kinda new in this scene too. love this music. 24h.
  10. whats ur favourite psytrance parties in london?
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