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  1. Now when you have got the taste of Cubase... there are no turning back.
  2. Nice... I hope I will leave some feedback in a near future....
  3. I use my brain... mabey not a good answer. An example. Reverse a sounds, put all your energy on that sound.... mute the others. Use Wavelab, Soundforge or something like that and let all computer power go for that one sound.... for instans, a Violin with Doppelmangler, and 3d panorering... or a child crying... have to try that. If you have good quality samples of people talking, u can always use some parts of the sample. Put on some delay, chorus and pitch shift it. Hope I did give use some advice. P.S sorry for the bad english It`s all about using your imagination.
  4. I will send in one track... some one have to be last in the contest.
  5. Your music sounds professionel, new, etc.... You realy got something there. I think that there is a record label somewhere out there waiting for you.
  6. My Yamaha AN200, was a "bad" thing in the beginning... but now I like It. But I do Love My Korg MS 2000B....
  7. Don`t only master in headphones.... But if you still need a pair, you can go for the AKG 240 studio. They work for me...
  8. You got many answers.... so I just put in one to. M-Audio... Sound Card ex. Studiophile USB or Firewire. Monitors... Ex. BX series, Tanoy or Alesis.... ACTIVE. RAM at least 1024... Sequenser.... Cubase, Logic, Cakewalk or PRO Tools Reason.... I think it is a nice plugin for Some of the above sequensers. AKG Headphones.... ex K240 studio. MIDI control... don`ty use it myself..... And last but not least.... some synths. Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Novaton.... have some good things for a nice price. Get a friend that will work with you, some times that is better... some times Get out there and listen to musik, psy,progg, or what ever don`t deliver the full spectra of sounds.... For example.... Iron Maiden drums are better then any Psy act I have listen to. Sorry for the bad english............
  9. GooD..... Keep up the good work. Mabey the drums should "play" more different.... my opinion only. Otherwise it keep the "groove" werry nice.... I listen to.... philter_le_monde_de_l_art_tribal.mp3
  10. I use M-Audi AudiophileUSB... and It work for me.....
  11. Pretty slow at the moment... We use Satelite "uplink-sh*t" here.... But in the future when you people arrive, we will get high-speed-broadband..... That`s one thing that is good with humans.
  12. It`s good for the selfasteam to get out of the closet... I did not judge him, just made a "point".... It`s kind of hard to be as dark as giger. I like the musik, and I like the pictures.... and yes I am not an Israeli. And It`s easy to call me a C*NT, when Im not in the same room... But that is another story. .. Don`t you think?
  13. Yes they are bands... from Denmark(kopenhagen I think). And I realy like your musik.... And I love the Bass.... If I may ask... How do you do It?... The Bass.
  14. Hey Man.... you have a hole lot of H.R Giger pictures.... not Nice. He is a hole lot darker than you can handle. Your music is good, but I don`t think It`s dark... mabey sundawn But you have skill, and I realy love it.... Have you listen to Cujorius one or Front minimal Like Species.... nice track...
  15. I will get my self Alesis M1 Active MkII.... Did I help you?
  16. I use Reason, Cubase, Wavelab, An200, MS2000... and a load of VST. Also have an ATARI next to me, but no programs for the moment... But soon. Will soon get a new soundcard, and monitors... hope so... I also us my sick brain... Mabey we could get a topic where we tell about our gear(music gear)... perverts. And mabey put up some pictures... If some one would like that.
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