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  1. Blacktron, Destiny, Rave Beats International, Advance Yeah those were the times Here's a link ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/music/groups/
  2. Ott, Entheogenic, Metal Sharon, Younger Brother
  3. Should be getting this today... can't wait
  4. Stumbled upon this too, and ordered a bunch
  5. Site's excellent, Colin. Looking forward to the album.
  6. Probably soon @ www.duskdigital.com
  7. DP, I see I'm not the only Seinfeld fan here
  8. They should be able to have it out on the proposed date then.
  9. I've got around 100 records. Out of those I'd say 30 or so are psytrance records, 50 are other genres and the remaining 20 are utter crap
  10. Thanks for answering. I am going to talk to the dealer, but I thought I might throw the question up here as well. I'll check out the grounding as you mentioned.
  11. Lately I've had a problem with my Behringers. 15-30 minutes after I turn them on, one of the speakers goes silent for a few seconds, then the sound comes back. This will then repeat itself over and over again. It's probably a long-shot but if anyone's able to shed some light on this issue, I'd appreciate it.
  12. Media Player Classic works for me.
  13. McDee


    Actually Alien Project is an imitation of Astrix
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