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  1. Hello once again folks. I've started a new project called Kryptum,here is the first track: The Graveyard by Moonlight 148 Bpm 7:46 min. mp3 320kbps I've posted a demo of this before it's here hope you guys enjoy it,soon I'll post another good night for you all...
  2. indeed m8,great track you got here!the intro is good and I loved the scream at 0:53!then the madness kicks in,strange (that is good ) synths all around creating a creepy atmosphere together with the ambiences behind,very good construction keep developing this one,sounds very very promising!I would only increase the kick volume a lil' bit.nothing more to point now,everything else it's good very psychedelic...or should I say,very psygoatdelic?
  3. or Xenomorph - Maladjusted Noise Experiments I've been producing some tracks (not the ones posted around the net) with something I like to call "Goa feeling"...but also at the same time with lots of influencies in noisy Industrial or so... also I really do believe that dark psy goatrance will get more power and crowd accept,I just "pray" that happens fast
  4. ehehe sure no problem man I understood it now
  5. 148 142 is slow for what I'm used to do...145/155bpm
  6. that's probably the best comment I've heard about my music.a very big thanks yeah I will finish this one today I hope...I've stopped some time due o school stuff...but vacations are coming and I hope to work all day on them maybe this one will be released.someday I think thanks for the support man,it's very good to hear those words...I prefer to wait a bit more and develop like...something different.big thanks RAH
  7. lol this one on the link is not the 142bpm track I was talking...that's another story sorry man didn't understood this...I'm too high sorry (I had to celebrate )
  8. hell-o freaks! After some long weeks studing for life-or-death school exams I finally have some time to work on music...so here is a small update of this one...soon I'll post another one I'm making,more slow stuff (142 Bpm) but hipnotic and trippy http://s9.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0XY1XFETICBCV2EDQZMMBI65AU thanks in advance
  9. ahhahah for sure man,I'll finish it tomorrow I think...about the url...gimme a minute... here is it. (morbid shit) Njoy wahahaha some of them sucks big time but in other hand...in others you can find some interesting photos
  10. danke m8,psych effects for psych people yeap the volume is a bit low but I don't think I can get a higher volume with the main mixer of reason...otherwise I don't know
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