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  1. thank's for your comments !!!! Toza, i use only cubase sx3 and vst's, the bassline is VB-1, i use vanguard and FM8 too in this track
  2. http://tibofox.free.fr/MP3/Paranoia.mp3 it's twilight style i think ! thank's for taking time for me
  3. woow thnaks for this big comments lol !!! for donwload it you can search on psyreactor or emule, you can hear it on my space to, you can find the links on my website : http://secretside.free.fr ! have fun and many thanks for comments !
  4. hello all, my free web album is out ! Under a creative commons license, it's free to download, free to listen and free to share ! 10 tracks (not DARK but it's my own style lol) you can download it here : http://www.jamendo.com/fr/album/3960/ Covers: http://secretside.free.fr/Thedarkside%5Bfront%5D.jpg http://secretside.free.fr/Thedarkside%5Bback%5D.jpg http://www.jamendo.com/fr/album/3960/ have fun
  5. hello ! good intro but the high melodic sound is bad imho kick and bassline ok i think you have too "preset " sounds, work them ! you love the vanguard no ??? too simple melody at the end, dance music style ! i like all the rythmic parts but not the melodies ! this is my opinion
  6. hello serquei ! thanks to have take a little time to make a review i have other tracks on my website (http://secretside.free.fr) but different style and different production quality, you can test "black hole" it's the last before this one have a good day bro
  7. hello ! i'm back with my last tune : Secret Side - Pod Racer i'd like to have your opinion about it thank's ! I present my french forum too ! i organize artist contest, you can vote for your favorite tracks, if you want participate for the next session (next month) send me track or link for listen ! French Psytrance forum
  8. buy a soundcard, your clip are maybe due to the high latency and cpu is a good way too
  9. http://secretside.free.fr/aqua.mp3 comments welcome
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