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  1. Yes, that is exactly the track i was looking for Can anybody tell me what genre what this track be categorized at? I would love to find other tracks that might provide the same vibe/feeling Gees, i've just been searching for too long man. Thank you a lot for the help
  2. Hey guys. I do not know how to begin this request. I have once in a while in the last few years searching and searching, both google and youtube for this dope tune i heard a while back Artist called himself/theirself or of course herself, something similar to Hyptothetika/Hypthetika/Hyptotika. Track is called ''For the oceans'' i am pretty sure it would be categorized as being somewhat Progressive Trance as i recall Help with the exact title of the track and artist would be deeply appreciated. I am really hoping somebody knows exactly what track i am searching for Kindest regards,
  3. Id just startet using dc++ and i dont know any hubs What are the best hub´s for goa trance, relaxing´s , and stuff ? ps. it would be great to if you could post some for the newest full movie, and games
  4. is that it ??? 6 artists ?
  5. http://jenovah.atspace.com/music.html
  6. okay okay, i get your point
  7. Are you sure? i just seekd jenovah art and nothing came up
  8. Got any names of artists from brazil please post em
  9. but if that ain´t shareware, then what is shareware?
  10. i meen programs like kazaa, limeware, imesh sorry im from denmark, still got some problem with the translation
  11. What is the best Shareware for sharing Goa, Trance, Instrumentals and stuff ? i use Limeware 10.01 Pro, but it won´t find anything when it comes to that genre.
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