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Found 4 results

  1. This mix was originally supposed to be something else entirely, but I deviated from that position when I simply couldn't find any psytrance of those styles that I liked enough to play in a set. So I am back with another "chapter" of my high tech full-power psytrance series with a second mathematical submission. You can find the first one here: Fractal Geometry. I named this one after calculus because calculus is confusing, and so is my flow and some of my mixing decisions. The first half blazes with highly technical and mathematical glitch and sequence work. The second half blisters with full power night psy. Just like calculus, it's kinda weird, but it makes sense if you think about it. Twilight - Bass Walk [Airglow] Digital Tribe - Sweet Dreams (Gemini Remix) [Goa Crops] Psyrabbit - Get Crazy [Zombster] Mind Control - Interzaptor [Trance Gold] Azax Bliss - F_cking Bass [Nutek] Azax Syndrome & Bizzare Contact - Summer Anxiety [Mainstage] Ultra Sheriff - Deception, Oil & Laser Beams (Blastoyz vs Sokrates Remix) [sectionZ] Biokinetix - Ultra Magnus Style (ft. Echo Logic) [EDM] Khopat - Full Encoding [Hypergate] Zinx vs Echo Logic - Crazy Nun [Terror Lab] Brainwash - We Have the Power [Fractal] Magneto & Brainwash - The Trip [Hypergate] Zetno Project - Necrovision Last Battle [speedsound] Ziptnf - Auditory Calculus (71:17) 164MB ~320kbps Enjoy! Image credit to xyrus02.
  2. Artist: Various Title: Replicants Vol. III Label: Replicant Records Date: June, 2013 1. Menog & Chromatone - Who Are We? 2. Earworm - Back In Play 3. Khopat - Adapting 4. Ex-Gen - Zombification "Drugs might actually cause people to wake up." I wasn't familiar with this label, but once I heard Audio Discharge they had my attention. Looking at the covers for their releases they seem to have a fascination with Satan and gas masks. Whatever you're into I suppose. Have you seen the Terror Lab Industries fetish? Oy. All four of these tracks are great. Let me state that out front. However two great tracks are bookended by two f*cking outstanding smashers. The first and last tracks are absolute acidic sodomy. Menog & Chromatone pound home that we ain't in Kansas anymore while Ex-Gen has become my favorite twilight artist. This will get the blood pumping. Beatport Mdk
  3. Heeey! Check out my first release of a peaceful dark set , a fusion of several genres!!!! http://soundcloud.co...llspromodemoset Any comment is appreciated!!!
  4. Artist: Various Title: Remix-ed Part 01 EP Label: Dropland Recordings Date: December, 2011 1. Damage (Concept Remix) 2. Physical Matters (Sinful Reactions Remix) 3. You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix) Dropland Recordings is a Spanish label that has been making some noise lately. The two Malfunktion EP's with tracks selected by Mr. Smashed were well worth my time brimming with high energy and powerful twilight music. This EP is comprised of three tracks by him that were given the remix treatment by some heavy hitters in the genre. Damage (Concept Remix)- "Remote controlled creatures. Brains powered by atomic energy." The original was on the Synthetic Alchemy compilation and Arnaud takes an already great track and puts his spin on it. After albums like Paranormal he quickly became one of my favorite artists in the genre. When you stumble upon a good twilight track you can just feel it. The sounds, the bass, the vibe...It's another acid laced beatdown that won't disappoint. Physical Matters (Sinful Reactions Remix)- Sinful Reactions are the Pereira brothers from Portugal and they tackle this awesome track from the Another Dimension compilation. We're really splitting hairs here because this is another acidic firestorm with powerfall beats and a relentless attitude. Just like the original. So I guess some might say, why do we need it? Some might. But they're probably also the ones who ask do we really need more dancing midgets? To which I reply: You bet your f*cking sweet ass we do. You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix)- "There is no substitute for reading the text of the course and the workbook. Even after you've already done the lesson." Never heard the original but this is Javier Duran from Mexico and his track on Psycho Laboratory slayed all so you know...high hopes. Because I haven't heard the original I can't tell you if this is radically different but what I can tell you is that we've got more of the same bombastic leads and big beats. A little more stopy starty than I would've liked, but worthy of your attention for sure. There have been some good twilight EP's floating around and this is one of them. Are they close to the original? Maybe. Probably. I dunno, but if you like acid firing like shrapnel from a grenade then you cannot go wrong with this. Beatport Mdk
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