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Found 6 results

  1. ++++Artist-Djs ++++ Sutreshvar (Goa - Inkadelica) Washuma (Psygressive - Inkadelica) Jon Aragon (Techno) Haemaerae (DarkPsy - Finland) Murdok (Psytrance - Inkadelica) Exodo (FulloN - Inkadelica) Pabel (Inkadelica - PsyTrance) Chemikal (Dark) Maqta Selekta (Reggae) Toxic BPM (FullOn - Bolivia) Asiry (Isratrance) Guille Varry (Isratrance) Andree Castillo (Techno-Hotday) Alanius (Intirunas-Psychedelic Trance) Nu-Bastards (Techno-Willkamayu Records) ***Lineup closed*** ++++Decoración++++ Cosmic Deco Lasers Visuals Projection 1 million stars ++++Info:
  2. MODEM FESTIVAL 2018 (Momento Demento) 6th Aug 2018 - 12th August 2018. Primislje, Croatia Modemheads, welcome to MoDem Festival 2018.! The date is set and planning for our next gathering can start... First of all, we want to thank you once more for your support and love given: HVALA! We learned a lot, especially in communication with you, and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but more accessible and more humane MoDem. Your better comfort and safety is the primary goal. With our greener initiative, we want to live the words ecology and sus
  3. Norma Project & Nature Life Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. Digital Age 2. Life 3. Moon Above The Sky Another great one from Ovnimoon Records. Teaming Serbian producer Norma Project with Nature (fresh off a co-production release with Ascent earlier this year, also from Ovnimoon) these are three patient moving tracks characterized by a slow-moving storm of deep rumbling bass, progressive-speed grooves and loads and loads of atmosphere. In fact, all three tracks just drip with the stuff. Whether you're into progressive or not, it's pretty fascinating to get to the sec
  4. Ascent, Nature Hypnotico Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. Your Mind 2. Spiritualism 3. Transmutation (Remix of Ovnimoon) 4. Magic Box 5. Forest Peace 6. Nature Frequencies 7. Telekineza 8. Mistika 9. 4 Shamans 10. Hypnotico Very nice goa touches throughout and an album cover that could very well dress an Etnica release. The thing, though, is anyone venturing into this body of work should have a very strong taste for progressive psy. "Hypnotico" is a good release with some pleasant Middle Eastern sounds and shamanistic samples well-placed in many of the tracks. The nice go
  5. TRANSITION FESTIVAL (30.04. - 04.05.2015 South of SPAIN) has its origins in a family gathering in the magical pine forest under a total full moon eclipse, in March 2007. Nowadays known as "The best well kept secret of the underground psytrance scene" (Mushroom Magazine) unifying the ritual of the party with an international gathering of trance music lovers all over the world. Focusing on a specific type of sound experience, Transition is much more than you can guess. With over 50000 W of sound and a womb in the center of the circle. The structure of the dancefloor is built by 9 gorgeo
  6. Before you start reading, let's clear up the genre tag in the title. This mix showcases a sound that actually combines the three genres listed above, featuring a hybrid of all the sound structures that make up house, trance, and psytrance. This mix stays steady and never exceeds 128 BPM, and I focus on creating a set of the most interesting and accessible electronic music. Lots of groovy, funky, tasty progressive tunes in this one. Enjoy! Human Element - Chain Reaction [Digital Structures] Rhythm Nectar - The Transition [synergetic] Rhythm Nectar - Fine Taste [Nuuktal] Pion & Vertex
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