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  1. Ok i still have the speakers and stands and will come down to £180 if anybodies interested ,pm me if you are
  2. I am chris label owner of Fragile Planet Records but i wouldn't class myself as important. But the track i have of paul (frac) and richie (dark nebula) is bloody good i will be playing it in my next set in Germany in 2 weeks.
  3. I do like some of pauls stuff i played his old stuff in Goa in 96-97 and it went down really well, i have been hearing some of his new stuff and its great also. I am also looking at releasing a track hes done with Dark Nebula and it is so funky. He is also such a wicked lad and has the best energy. Boom
  4. I have got Alesis MK1 active MK2 Monitors with Ultimate Proffesional Monitor stands (45 inch height) for sale. Monitors cost £250 new and stands were £130 http://www.dv247.com/invt/9674 stand info I have hardly used them and both are as new, and i am looking at £250 or any resonable offers for the set. I would consider spliting PM me for details
  5. I have got a few bits of vinyl i want to get rid of since i'm moving, and i also don't have anything to play them on. All are in really good condition and some have only been played once or twice. Any resonable offers on the lot or i will consider splitting, PM me for more info i am based in the UK L.P's Astral Projection - Unmixed (Transient) Reserved ManMadeMan - Lovetechnology (Flying Rhino) Compilation - Movers & Groovers at the Temple of Dawn (TIP World)x2 Compilation - Order Odonata 4 (Dragonfly) E.P's Lunar Civalisation - Moon Spirits Records ( 4 Tracks Bamboo Forest, Total Eclipse, Jaia, Wizzy Noise) Birthday Bonanza - Flying Rhino 50th 12" Release (4 Tracks, Planet Ben&James, Exile, Seeka, Bus) 12 inch Absolum - Regenerate / d-generate (TIP World) Bamboo Forest - Xplorer / Vekto ( Dragonfly) Kittle Unatik - Winner Riff/ Kashmir (Symbiosis Records) Mezcal - Seal of solomon / Whats out there ( white label) Deviant Species - Jughead / bilboan trance (Zero tonin) Avatar - Machine Life, 2 mixes ( Dragonfly) Noma - Goons / Vacuum (Spiral Trax) Dragon - Engen / Riplash (Spiral Trax) Cyberbabas - Like a Pretzel / Cyberbaba, Pretzel Dreams ( TIP World) Psychoid - Secret sight / Manic Organic (Koyote ) Brain Bubbles - Scrambled Heads / Visual Aspect, Forces of nature ( USTA) In-Sect - Slammer, 2 mixes (Transient) Purple & Lunar - Subtle Thrust, 2 Mixes (Transient) Twelve Moons - Zero Gravity 2 mixes (Transient) Reserved Vibrasphere - Nowhere / Autopilot ( Transient) Reserved Ticon - Tekk,no / ass-tronaut (TIP World) Reserved
  6. What a great idea Cosmosis have made some awesome tunes and it looks like a lot of them are on here, shame though i really thought Spores from Space might have been on it. But there is a limit to how many tunes you can stick on a cd, a double cd would still probably not have had enough space for a group with so many great tracks.
  7. This is one rocking comp from Red Cell, a definate must for any serious music lovers. Great work Ananda i look forward to hearing more from your label.
  8. Looks like you have some fine music coming out guys, i look forward to hearing it.
  9. you can hear some samples here http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/fra/fra1cd002.html hope you enjoy
  10. Well its coming up to that time again to let you know about the next installment from Fragile Planet. Global Alliance, is an amalgamation of some of the world finest artists from 5 different continent's. Global Alliance 1 NRS – Bison 2 Scorb – Tundra 3 Winter Demon – Time Attack 4 Principles of Flight – Lava Frog 5 Psychoactive – Stick ya Disco 6 Killer Buds – Behind U 7 Shift – Cipher Jabbawokkee 8 Phatmatix – Pyroman 9 Mr Peculiar – Funny Mushrooms It will be available mid june, i will post the exact date very soon. Distribution by Arabesque info@arab.co.uk 0044 (0)20 8992 0098
  11. ! Paul (NRS) is a blast, he's currently got two mobile phones and is running up huge bills arguing with himself! very funny comment
  12. What a pathetic quote a guess you just have no concept about the scene, also do you buy music or just get it for free on MP3.
  13. Hi to everyone Let me first wish you all a Happy New Year i hope you have a great one. We at Fragile Planet have once again been searching the globe to bring to you another eclectic mix of musical mastery. Our next compilation will be featuring such artists as Shift, Scorb, Ram, Winter Demon, Mr Peculiar, Phatmatix, Killer Buds, Psychoactive, NRS, I will post more details on here very soon with the full track list and CD name, but i can guarantee this is going to be one not to miss. I would also just like to thank everybody for there support in 2004 with 'Planetary Exodus' and i hope this year will be equally as good as last year. Thanks Chris Let us take you on a journey, that will take you from are small world stage and orbit you beyond our fragile planet......
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