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  1. Al-Faris & Andrew Wooden - Legion B-Zet - Blue Illusion B-Zet - B-Zet 1 Spy - Tranzoa Cenobyte - Tales From the A-Side Dual Mount - Sub Buss Unknown Artist - Volume One
  2. anyways, checked the tracks out quite soon after u posted them just was too lazy to post i guess still, find it remarkable what u said, let me quote still.. the legato technique is quite present in trance but ok, staccato as well, both probably in arpeggio hehe =) anyways, thanks for the refreshing insight/perspective on this matter it definately makes sense to me
  3. corrupted data or damaged archive, same thing and another surplus with RAR is that it supports splitting in rar-parts
  4. if u want dark trance : Al Ferox - Dead Zone Converter - Coma Zekt - Fixed
  5. yeah, that way i can understand bin cue is probably also quite sensitive for corruption in a rar it's much more solid for online resources
  6. i can save audio in raw (binary) format with Soundforge but i dont think it makes a difference with WAV the same way as it would do between TIFF and RAW for images cause raw format for images contains a logarithmic scale i thought
  7. rar just has more options, qua error/corruptionhandling and other also it has a better compression-rate for audio zip works better for images
  8. cool, thx for info but what's to gain in rarring a compressed lossless format ? if it does make a difference, then i'd say FLAC/RAR as well
  9. what's the difference between the lossless formats FLAC, WAV and RAW (or BIN/CUE) ?
  10. yeah, in the producing area i know too little of the technical aspects pads, riffs, patterns, samples everything that makes noise is a sample for me
  11. i just heard one harsh roaring sample innit, so it's probably that one but i heard it couple of times, like 3 or 5 times (or possibly more than 5)
  12. don't like the roaring sound innit sounds too harsh, or too loud in comparison with the rest but it has a kinda Lee Perry feel to it this way anyways, liked the sphere u built up, just the roaring sample innit (chainsaw?) got me out of it most of the time
  13. well yeah.. just referring to the content of psychedelic art
  14. definition of psychedelic:
  15. mordortrance ? actually sounds like schranz to me personally
  16. well yeah, everything i heard so far, containing the "DARK" label wasn't really dark imo sure some oldschool goa like UX has a certain depth that meets dark music, but to call it dark (imho).. not really but i get your point anyways, and don't necessarily disagree
  17. Sandman - Witchcraft probably but i dont like that one (his psychotoons album is much better imo) and i think dark goa aint really dark music
  18. idd pity i know nothing or as good as nothing from this genre / type of trance
  19. try this link perhaps : http://www.discogs.com/users/blockedusers
  20. yeah, a good night's sleep, a wealthy fruity breakfast, and some mugs of coffee should do the trick as well or some jogging, for like 6-8 miles or something before you start.. a shot of pure endorphin
  21. just put your wanteds private helps alot and ignore the messages with offers, if u dont take any my 2 cents
  22. stefano bellanti - flexius + some Pow[d]er Pussy and Carbon Based Lifeforms tracks queued
  23. you're definately passioned about it (imo), so be sure to let us know with more detail what you're after, after listening to both (if it's something different you're looking for) ya never know ah yes, and btw: where did u pick this track up ? on a party ? in a mix ? which DJ, etc...
  24. Filteria - Sky Input Khetzal - Corolle Ka-Sol - Fairytale
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