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  1. ok, thanks for explaining, but imo shpongle is terrible music well... perhaps exagerated, i can listen to it, but i find it poor music (comparable with eminem or sth ) anyways, if ure into oldschool goa, try amberdelic space compilation and optica - all the colours of the rainbow otherwise HUVA Network is totally conform with your description this one as well but dont like that one either.. nice soundscapes though
  2. i think it's quite poor , graphically as wel as in composition and in use of colours but ok, it's probably 90% a matter of taste and preference
  3. anyways, if u want trippy chillout tunes m² - War of Sound m² - Aswad VA - Amberdelic Space Optica - All The Colours Of The Rainbow William Orbit - Strange Cargo III (can't think of anything else atm) but then again.. darker material is alot more trippy than this stuff
  4. i dont understand the word psychill.. care to explain ?
  5. well.. i think this one was more of a concert than a party.. u know a musical event, not a dance event
  6. well, they probably didnt have the budget to risk major losses, and the rental-price of the planetarium probably costed heaps i'm assuming something like that
  7. well, i just saw on formik's myspace they had to cancel the event because of a lack of presales i myself couldnt attend this one, as i didn't have time back then but i think i should write them about postponing it or something, and then do some publicity for them myself :-) these are definately initiatives/ideas that should be supported imo
  8. Dj Escapee - Learyness
  9. Black Lung - Abnormality Broadcast / Sickly Seratonin Squeeze / Gizmo Production Fallout Contagious Orgasm - Illegal Occupation Of Ears Musterion - The Black Lodge Prānā - Scarab E.P.
  10. has some reverb onnit idd but i'm guessing he recorded both from line-out and mic ?
  11. they did this once here in Belgium, in a real planetarium, with all ambient acts flyer:
  12. okay through the speakers it sounds much better idd but anyways, these timecodes cause i already noted them down 1.25 -)> roar 2.07 -)> roar ------------------------ 3.47 -)> ROAR 4.30 -)> Roar 4.43 -)> .. .... . also heard something crosstalk-like that wasn't sync with the rest mainly kicks and basses but while re-listening i didnt hear it anymore
  13. u talking bout me ? or do i just don't see frozen dreams post ? perhaps i should check it again (listened to it with my headphones)
  14. the intro sounds in style/atmosphere a bit like something from Sven Vath's An Accident in Paradise or something from This Morn' Omina but it most likely will be somethin' else i'll check the sven vath album one of these days anyways, and perhaps some TMO albums as well the middlepart i don't recognise
  15. u sure it's 1 track ? sounds like quite a contrast between the intro and the middlepart anyways, dont have a clue, sorry
  16. wiseguy till you drop huh ? :posford:
  17. i'm quite sure i didn't pose any questions dear
  18. cool thx for the tip Hymen / Ant-Zen is definately a good reference for starters, have lots of them have u tried Tzolk'in yet ? http://www.discogs.com/release/1170766
  19. dunno what y'already got but Massive Attack vs Mad Professor - No Protection is quite the psychedelical Dub
  20. never liked it (IM) never will =)
  21. if u want real dark trance, i could hook you up on some, just drop me a PM but i personally find most goa not dark enough and the true "Dark Psy" sounds too much like schranz to me
  22. interceptor.. awesome track !! http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=4zD3BQmRbE8
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