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  1. just documenting what do u need to know more then ? i'm getting new woofers (4) this weekend, i'll keep u updated anyways
  2. just wanted to know that you're not selling any Vinyl Copies and yes, a copy is what u get when u go to the store and buy a release Master <-> Copy , that's how it works as far as i know
  3. 2 new Tweeters Sphynx GL-300 Dome Tweeter Titanium membrane Diameter : 105 mm Max Watt's. : 100 W Impedance : 8 ohm SPL:91 dB Frequency curve: 2 kHz till 20 kHz
  4. okay, gotta repeat this one it seems, i'm NOT trying to discuss that part ! don't feel assaulted or attacked bro i come in peace hehe
  5. lol okay, i agree on that one
  6. where are the arguments ? u can't just say "i know better" without giving some perspective onnit and yes, my opinion is mostly made out of the illusionary quest of psytrancers NOW for their roots in other scenes BACK THEN labelling the wrong things as being psytrance (cause it mostly was plain house back then)
  7. so u know when my interest in this music began do u ? better give me real arguments please
  8. 1983 it has the same buildup, timbre and beat innit what's the difference then ?
  9. if u call that psytrance, then orbital - lush is as serious as contender as that one http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=I66UrRQgkbA
  10. yeah, the hardtek / hardcore in the scene is something i mostly dislike as well though there are plenty of dj's who mix alot of acid(core) / acidtekno in their mixes and artists who bring livesets with a lot of 303 in but idd, it ain't truely acid, the most u can call it would be acidtekno or acidcore
  11. dunno if u can call it psytrance, but it's a funny clip though =) http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=5WW1ZhYsBpk
  12. ah k, sorry it's another track of sven vath, for sure, but also released in 1993 http://www.discogs.com/release/339476
  13. i think that one comes from 3-LUX 3 same goes for this videoclip : Aphex Twin - Shotkeya *edit* k, was wrong other track of sven vath on 3-LUX 3
  14. okay, perhaps i had to say "untill '93" i'm making a general statement ofcourse, not counting in exceptions and the infinity project -releases from that age dont really make me think of goa btw but that probably has more to do with my perception of things
  15. nah, not trying to discuss that part just the content, cause the psychedelic trance in 1993 sounds more like oldschool techno / (acid)house / rave / whatever .. to me but okay, i'll be leaving the discussion
  16. ah yes, goa trance, just like this release
  17. don't forget to check Future Shock and the 3 LUX editions
  18. rarely ? then u aren't hearing the right freetekno hehe try some TdK, or Astral Tek (Ekeaze) those are filled with 303's
  19. 1993 ? u sure the word psytrance already existed back then ? the x-dream record i once had , from 1993 was more ravy breaks than it was trance
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