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  1. try Koxbox - Electronic Brainwash :posford:
  2. William Orbit - Into The Paradise
  3. try the first 10 releases of planet rhythm (tip)
  4. i personally found that adara could have given us more clues as she/he already had thoughts about it being a space tribe track but it definately sounds quite old to me, to be honest
  5. okay then my search was okay (found 2 compilations from '98 as well) so.. a tape from the early nineties with a track from '98
  6. from what date is that track ? can't find it anywhere
  7. Kode IV - Faust sounds a bit like it idd, but that "Ohm Shivaya" sample still remains a mistery for me checked some albums/EP's that made me think of it, but still not a hit (definate ID) till now
  8. ehh.. yeah, already figured that out myself lol
  9. if u check The Law by them, it sounds alot similar, but it aint the same
  10. can u remember the year u got this tape ? reminds me a bit of old infinity project between 1991 - 1993 but can't give a definate id
  11. nah, u should try some new Industrial / Post-Industrial stuff stunning things to be found there
  12. thx 4 the easy youtube links lemmiwinks gonna check them out soon
  13. well said kinda was thinking the same, but i prolly pinned myself too much on the videoclip-theme hehe most good non-commercial underground stuff don't have videoclips
  14. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Space Puppy Mama Indica - Radioactive Rain Polyploïd - Eidos Form / Akousmata Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface
  15. yeah, i was just being ironic (or trying to be hehe) i don't care bout my age as well
  16. that means you find yourself in the wrong stream of data/news you know how publicity works i assume, and publicity only concerns itself over the amount of general regulars, and how new & fresh sounds can get appealing for the general mass (by using global recognisable elements that already were invented and used before in a succesfull manner for me personally, i tend to follow up on artists which don't conform to the main stream (in order to achieve successes) but ok, i'm a borderline-case on that matter, so i can only give a reply based on my own perspective (w.o.w.: nothing to do with you personally, just trying to reflect within the subject )
  17. overpriced, yes idd but overhyped because it gets sold even when seriously overpriced and 25 btw
  18. overhyped as in, they're not worth 80 - 150 € and no, i'm not 16 years old
  19. yeah, that's what they call overhyped vinyl hehe not worth the money, but still some fine releases to be found on the label
  20. try the blue planet corp. EP's on UFK
  21. just arrived on my doorstep Prodigy - Music For the Jilted Generation (2xLP) Omniscience - Esoteric EP (12") Trip Commando - Trip Commando (12")
  22. no, they're just conform ones in comparison with my old ones perfect match (qua specs ofcourse, diff. brand) that's it
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