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  1. depends on what u consider to be acid and what u consider to be goa ( & acid goa )
  2. 303 is a roland hardware synth (tb-303 -> Transistor Bassline 303) it was first designed to emulate the sound of an electric guitar, electronically if u wanna read more : http://www.synthmuseum.com/roland/roltb30301.html
  3. Nordreform Sound System - Nordreform Sound System
  4. idd hehe and for me planet b.e.n.'s Trippy Future Garden ain't goa same goes for Juno Reactor's Transmissions
  5. some more Pagemaster Trax Beyond Subconsciousness S.D.L. Black Acid Jon The Dentist
  6. Spicelab - Spy vs Spice probably a tournament setting bobsled, or sumo-wrestling preferrably
  7. jep, it was a group, now it's a one-man-project (Marc Verhaegen) basically making very psychedelic transparent music for dancefloors or chill-outs transparent meaning: it works for daylight as well as for darkness, but the effect of the music is different for each setting
  8. most oldschool goa-trance i dont really find that psychotic so can only give pointers to non-goa psychedelic dancefloor-tracks Trip Commando - Energy Tanks This Morn' Omina - Seeker Transparent 303 - Envelope Shaper Klinik - On Silk Roads to the East Bemuzac - Filter Bend
  9. some old Harthouse tunes Barbarella, Spicelab, Afrotrance, Overboust, etc.
  10. Kryll


    Bola & Mouse On Mars are the first i think of when reading IDM but not really into these things Beaumont Hannant, or Starfish Pool sometimes get called IDM.. dunno if it is or not.. still it's a good balanced mix of ambient and electronics what they made imo
  11. Curley - Esoteric vs Hybrid Systems and Robbert Mononom - Ice Age stunningly psychedelical hypnotisers
  12. there is very little psytrance stuff i really find having a strong and extensive buildup it's all them climaxes i guess that keep me with both feet too much on the ground while listening but there are a couple (probably cause they're quite the lineair work) first i can think of : Planet BEN - Ant Invasion also some bordering grey stuff which i find truely powerfull trance-buildups Spicelab - Planet Spice Earth Nation - Liquid Desert Klinik - Lava This Morn' Omina - Suneater there're probably many i forgot mentioning lol as usual
  13. okay cool, works as a charm About Frames A Second.. you should try that album.. very nice electronics a bit comparable with things like Vromb (dunno if u heard this one before) but if u like Autechre's Drane i can only recommend that album
  14. also cant download the mix why the title , if i may ask ? are u into Frames A Second ?
  15. dunno i have that one on cd i find it more the shimmering kind of ambient music same as Troum & Yen Pox' Mnemonic Induction don't really catalog these as Horror/Spine Chilling ambient but everyone has it's own catalog-system hehe both come recommended ofcourse
  16. oh yes, forgot to say if u weld these into 1 big mp3-file it should be 1 continuous mix
  17. if u compare it with some early frankfurt sounds from that period it's not that way ahead imo but that doesn't mean it isn't a masterpiece ofcourse
  18. not really a big fan of his older uptempo breaks, but can appreciate most of it but for the work he did with vocals (as m² ) u can call me a fan (but not really darkambient imo.. ) his latest 2 albums are dark enough though .. but not quite the same as his previous work
  19. no probs for that imo only thing is that i dont know if they're copyrighted (cant find any info on the first and third)
  20. some stuff i checked just now, which i didnt mention yet all in no specific order, all worth a listen Pure Dark Ambient, mostly rhythmless terra sancta - aeon nazi ufo commander - strange monasteries camanecroszcope - echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth Camanecroszcope - Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum Ah Cama Sotz - Baal Ah cama-sotz - the house of the lordh iszoloscope - les gorges des limbes iszoloscope - the audient void m² - the frozen spark m² - Nyx xabec - schneegarten zoviet france - shadow thief of the sun Dawn Projekt - Grey September Lustmord - Zoëtrope Kraken - Aquanaut Dark Ambient with some industrial tracks torsion - dark tattoo satellite delta files - body bags psychonauts - alchemy goran besov - elements ah cama-sotz - mantra urawa - a dog called demolition very dark Abstract Ambientish Minimal Electronics Vromb - Le Facteur Humain ah cama-sotz ~ pal - guilty audiowall Aube - nerf vague minimalistique frames a second - disoriented xpress to end with ... dont seem to find these last three on discogs, think it are mixtapes or livesets (perhaps i could upload them, if interested) acid kirk - le cimetière des éléphants -> frightening dark soundscapes imo... OST (LivePA) (15-04-2000) -> abstract sounds that get airborn, but have a great subcounscious impact as they use lot's of contrasts John Cage - Cartridge Music -> music solely made from turntable cartridges, very spacy but creepy and alienating
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