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About Me

top chill-out/IDM


1-Shpongle-Are you shpongle?

2-Kettel-My dogan

3-Kettel- trough friendly waters

4-Spongle-Tales of the inexpressible

-Future sound of london- ISDN

5-Younger brother- a flock of bleeps

6- Aphex twin-some of his work

6-Future sound of london- Dead cities

7-Bluetech-prima materia/Elementary Particles

8-Shulman- i have like 12 favortie songs(but no album completely perfect tough, but with all the amazing songs, he deserves a spot)albums:

- Entheogenic-Spontaneous illumination

-Ott- Blumenkraft

-Trypswitch- circuit breaker

-Abakus-That Much Closer To The Sun

-secede-his 4 albums

-Wisp 2-3 amazing release

-the flashbulb all of his records



Top psytrance


1-Hallucinogen- Twisted

2-Hallucinogen-The lone deranger and mostly every upbeat songs of posford

3-Scorb-Debut and Ipso facto

4-Infected mushroom-B.P Empire and classical mushroom

5-Talpa The art of being non

6-Cosmosis- a bit of every albums(synergy-cosmology-etc..)

7-Logic Bomb- again a bit of every albums

8- Nystagmus/Anahata

9-Vibrasphere-some of his work

10-Solar field-Movements

11- 1200 mics- first 3 albums


Top ambient, classical and experimental


1-Eclipse-A Journey of Permanence & Impermanence

2-Future sound of london-Lifeforms

3-Library Tapes-A Summer Beneath The Trees

4-Ishq- Orchid

5- The abbasi borthers-Something Like Nostalgia

6- Mimesis-Art Imitating Life


8-VA-Midnight soul dive

9- VA-The Mystery of the Yeti and VA The Mystery of the Yeti 2

10- The books-most of his work

11-Carbon based lifefroms-Hydroponic Garden-World of Sleepers

12-boards of canada

Kettel Volleyed Iron

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