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  1. Groovey, dancey, banging beats? Just some ideas... I hope you liked it.
  2. FREE DL no longer available: http://soundcloud.com/frost-raven/points-of-interest-original New link
  3. Starfire Thanks for listening. Any feedback you have to say is welcome.
  4. Great washing mellow melodies man, has a different vibe then your usual sound.
  5. Sound Cloud link: http://soundcloud.com/frost-raven/the-dreamer I wish more psy would be produced at 138 BPM, it's a great tempo. Anyway, this is for the melody lovers. There's a big breakdown in this track, and lil bits of uplifting melodies. Thanks for listening.
  6. Oh yeah, I remember TA. I still have an account on there, just that forum is so messy. I stop by from time to time. Glad you like the drop, I spent a lot of time on it.
  7. Thanks all. Yeah the shuffle rhythm is really cool. A mix of tracks in that style would be great. --- Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (the first 1:30) Conga Fury - Juno Reactor Swamp Thing - Juno Reactor Combustion - Dark Soho Long Way Home - Dark Soho Triple Nipple -Hux Flux Disco Mushroom - Infected Mushroom (the first 4:48) ___ Yeah that's all the ones I can think of that have that rhythm. We need to make more!
  8. So, this is a lot: http://soundcloud.com/frost-raven/mars-getaway Anyway, take a listen and see what you think. Thanks.
  9. There are some interesting sounds and lines, though it sounds more like it could be a some futuristic dungeon setting then a psytrance tune, like around 4:44 especially. I like the melodies and ideas, but I don't see this wrecking a dancefloor. What were you going for?
  10. It's really good!!!!!! I'm not bias I swear! Seriously though, check it. Stay Frosty!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Well it's good to know goa is still alive.
  12. I'm sorry, I made this topic twice... This one should be deleted or locked or something...
  13. I very much understand this... I remember helllllla oldskool times, like back when i was a freshmen in highschool. This senior was playing Juno Reactor during our art class. I was use to hard trance and anthem trance at that time, and that's what I expected trance to be. She asked me if I like what she was playing, I said no, she then replied. "You don't like psychedelic trance?". It wouldn't be till about a year later that I'd understand what psy trance was. Somebody told me to listen to Infected Mushroom and I feel in love. That lead me to Juno Reactor again, and I feel in deeper love. Strange how things like this can work out.
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