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  1. I wonder how this album is going to be like I love the stuff you guys played on Brazil (2002?), some more prog housy stuff... the late stuff (like the set on voov '04, and some tracks on some compilations) was kinda full on-ish, I dont like so much but I guess it's all a matter of opinion and stuff... good luck with the album anyway
  2. maybe some thomas penton (like the track DJ 19 - Breaking of the Dawn (Thomas Penton Remix)) maybe patrick zigon too
  3. buzzmonx fusi and johnson vision and canedy krueger and coyle soul surfer (andromeda) ryan halifax minilogue dj nukem air bureau (sp?) motion and side b a lot more, but lets leave it like this for a while =)
  4. Kickass cd!! I like all the tracks!! Im gonna make some comments on the tracks later and their live in voov was great!!! "How can we sleep when our beds are burning?" made me laugh like hell btw, it's midnight oil, not pink floyd =)
  5. shit man, too many really good stuff =).. I could not really say, but anyway, no particular order: freq - strange attractors antix - lull phony orphants - symphony ott - blumenkraft and the last I dont say, as I know if I say one, then latter I'll think I should have put some other.. so I leave the last one open
  6. yeah audiogalaxy also made me really get to know trance.. I remember infected mushroom, astral projection and stuff like that... that was not the only thing audiogalaxy made.... it made my mom angry with the telephone bill.. I had a 33.6 dial up connection at the time =)
  7. 2000.... Dont remember exactly how it started, but I remember the first party I went too, was given lsd without having any idea what it would do to me and......... the rest is history =)
  8. good trance labels that I remember right now, imo: IBOGA!!! flow records plusquam records spiral trax nanobeat records plastik park (was dead, but is going to be revived) and a few others
  9. btw, there was some time ago a thread entitled something like: full on vs progressive and the vote thing.. there are 2 tech trance categories... and imo, krueger and coyle, ticon etc are not tech trance... maybe housy prog trance, or whatever... anyway.. full on is too noisy for me... I like groovy progressive like Krueger&Coyle, buzzmonx etc, or some more powerful atmospheric prog like freq, etc... some prog/tribal house too... and lately I´ve been listening a lot to chill out stuff too, like abakus, ott, etc..
  10. the trance part of this site is not good.... The guy is all the time biased, mixing his opinion as if it was what the actual genre is about, and he also tries to diminish whoever listen to those styles he doesnt like. Read psytekk, or progressive for example... very shitty... Anyway, under progressive maybe I would add Housy Progressive
  11. and what a weird story...... the guys steal a lot of things, take pictures of themselves and lose their camera back to the owner (the only thing they shouldnt have done) ?! hmm.... anyway, yeah people robbing in parties suck big time... I would get pissed off if I was stolen
  12. what is considered a vocal trance track? just some samples with someone saying something? what if the sample keeps repeating over and over?
  13. it all sounds the same... BORING (and old and stupidly noisy) and this argument that same music from the artist is good is just really stupid.. Then why doesnt he release just one song, and you just put on ´repeat´ forever?! because you want something different, at least a little, you want to be told a story. This album doesnt seem to tell a story, it just seems to repeat the same old fucking formula for braindead full on fans (imo).. I dont care, flame me, Im in a bad mood anyway.
  14. Im still waiting and open to hear some full on that really gets to me.. until that happens, Im more of a progressive person, whether minimal (like older krumelur), darker nighttime prog (like older stuff, such as cujorious one) powerful atmospheric (like Freq), or more housy stuff (like vision and canedy, krueger and coyle, buzzmonx)... Some progressive and tribal house are pretty good too... I like trippy but more inteligent (imo) music, or groovy sexy ´lady butt-shaker´ trance. Too much noise = no good. without generalizing, most full on I hear is just thousands of scratchy noisy bleep-bleep sound layers that seem only listenable by people with the blood in their veins white, from so much ecstasy they´ve taken, and all played by pop wanna-be djs ok now flame me, whoever is willing
  15. isnt that a contradiction? uplifting chill out? anyway, this reminded me of a time I went to a party, chewed on some devil´ish seeds (hehehe).. After becoming a zombie for sometime, I went to the chill-out, but it was fucking loud, practically rock music... In that state, if after I lyed down, I had the strenght to stand up, I for sure would have told the dj to turn the music down or change his shitty rock hehehe
  16. shhhhh, you cant say you download music in this forum now you lose points.. tsk tsk tsk =)
  17. oh and about mushroom magazine.. I only read the international edition 1, back in the january 2002 I think.. I remember it was indeed small in size, but had quite a few interesting articles, dj´s top 10 lists, label informations, party calenders, pictures, etc... I found it on the bench in a festival, so it was all profit anyway hehehe.. I dont know how these editions today are.. so can´t really comment on it..
  18. lol sven.. the psychedelic-scene in germany is dead?! I dont live there, but Im sure it´s not so much and hey, that´s some really funky dead heh? Like that movie, where the guy is dead, but he dances when he hears music and he shows these guys where the treasure is hehehehe
  19. well, whatever.. there will always be discussions about classifications.. as long as you use it just as a guideline, and dont get stuck. and hey, controversies aside, you can still see the difference in the general 'taste', or specific range of tastes, that people call progressive... anyway.. I like it (considering it's good music, obviously) =)
  20. yeah, brilliant cd indeed! I only heard tracks released on compilations... and all of the ones I've heard are amazing!!
  21. sorry, I didnt mean specifically this cd.. I have never heard it.. I went to a party where 1200 mics played a month ago or something, I dont know if they played this cd or not, and that was too noisy for me, those typical scratchy sounds and unpolished (imo, chill out hehe) basslines that I dont like
  22. too noisy for my taste.. I do like the flutes though
  23. hehe nice.. dont worry I understood what you mean, thanks for the recommendation =)
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