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  1. yeah dp, do that.. Ill do my version of the review after you post yours
  2. I would recommend downloading it and checking it out.. If you like it, buy it.. personally I love it!! no tecnoshit, they are amazing
  3. I always find so hard to choose a particular song.. as a matter of fact, I find it hard even to do a top 10 =)
  4. Grahf, I've listened to one track only (return to the masters) that was released on the puzzled compilation, by iboga. It's excellent, powerful, atmospheric, with 'gigantic effects', if you know what I mean... If the rest of the cd is on the same level.... Then all I know is that im gonna have it =)
  5. so it's progressive, with some psychedelic effects, but not so much that it becomes psy trance
  6. Son kite is really 'evoluted' sound (if you can say that, hehehe).. indeed very bad description saying it sounds comercial!!!! Beat bizarre is good too, but not so much.. Definitely son kite =)
  7. ok from what I understand: It is progressive, as it has that 'not full-on' sound, progressively adding layers, with some characteristic effects, but with some typical psychedelic sounds latter on during the music (not noisy full-on type of sounds, but something like futuristic organs,bubbling effects and also laser-type sounds maybe)... does my explanation work?
  8. son kite´s new album too.. freq should be great check out irresistible meltdown 3 compilation, and chrome compilation too
  9. not in any specific order: Freq - return to the masters (puzzled - iboga) Freq vs spherical - suzuki son (puzzled - iboga) Frogacult - essential (puzzled - iboga) luna spice - proteines (chrome - submachine) frogacult - snowdropped (chrome - submachine) ryan halifax - fuck me rich (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam) freq - Ive been sent (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam) missing time - working girl (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam) mapusa mapusa and fabio - beachball (irresistable meltdown 3 - plusquam) Jaia - hipnostatique (puzzled - iboga)
  10. but wait... wasnt midnight sun from alien project? are they the same thing (they sound the same, at least) ?
  11. midnight sun was the only thing I ever liked from astrix, one (or 2?) years ago...
  12. yeah I have that feeling with the delta too.. Dark and mechanical DereinsPunkt gave me some sort of mechanical feeling too.. oh yeah, and I dont know any new info from delta, but if you find out tell us =)
  13. Freq - return to the masters " - I´ve been sent - short life again " vs spherical - suzuki son Ryan Halifax - Fuck me rich mapusa mapusa and fabio - beachball frogacult - essential frogacult - snowdropped (agent mix
  14. haldolium - aint no change frogacult - snowdropped vibrasphere - lemon phase I don´t know, there are so many.. There´s a particular one that fits the exact description of Groovy clubby funk but I can´t remember right now... If I do I´ll post it another time
  15. one that immediately comes to my mind is: buzz vs symphonix - perfect day I´ll think of some others latter
  16. oops.. I meant: It's about taste and aims with music (forget the NOT) so like I said, spiritual/emotional/rational music can be anywhere. It's not restricted to a certain genre
  17. I think you misunderstood me.. "depends , i listen to Ethereal´s Goa and that´s new" <-- I never said anything new is good.. I said maybe you aren´t finding, amongst the many releases, one that you like, because you aren´t searching well enough.. I don´t like full on either, Im more a progressive person.. but that´s another deal. "depends of the Goa you´ve listened." <--- again I think you didnt understand what I said.. I said minimalistic (goa, full on, progressive, or even non-electronic music) shouldnt have a bad connotation, as it appears in your words. I gave an example on how minimalistic can be very spiritual (in mantras, or whatever), while noisy full-on or goa can be not-spiritual.. and like I said, it´s not about taste and aims with music, which is subjective, just like your classification of ´evolution and de-evolution)
  18. btw I dont like most of the releases today (or even earlier, for that matter), but I search among the many releases to find the ones I like. It´s a matter of searching well and finding what you like, whatever aim the music suites you, wether it´s just dancing your ass off, or being emotionally, intelectually and/or spiritually touched
  19. maybe you aren´t listening to more appropriate new releases, lost buddha. To be calling it de-evolution is not really thinking about it, imo.. There are releases today that are very spiritualistic, there are some that are not, there are some that are emotional, there are some that are not. It depends, just like at the beggining of these styles it also depended. and what´s with the bad connotation to the word ´minimalistic´? Spiritual traditions and their use of music (in middle east, in tribes, in initiatory orders, in some major religions) are many times repetitive and minimalistic. note that it is in your opinion what you say, and what you may call evolution may be de-evolution to some, and vice versa.. (and everybody is right)
  20. Ok here are some artists and some of the tracks you should check out before buying the compilations, EPs or cd's: Vision and canedy ("mystico" and "we love sunday") sven palzer ("smile") buzz ("perfect day") peace division ("beatz n pieces") frogacult ("snowdropped agent mix" and "essential") true to nature ("new world") if you are interested and dont find the name of the cd's or compilations, ask and I'll tell you ..
  21. " quality minimal progressive? " <--- try maybe ticon, phony orphants, antix
  22. For rent (not including all the other costs, like light, etc) it will probably cost between 500 and 1500 dollars, but it all depends on the number of rooms, etc... Im sure on the internet you could find some information. And dont worry about mixing spanish and portuguese, as we brazillians always mix it too when trying to speak spanish.. I guess most, if not all, will understand what you say
  23. you need a hosting site, where you upload the music, and then link them here so people can review... many hosting sites will require payment, or have limits to how much you can upload.. I dont know which are the best, but search around
  24. oh yeah, and outdoor parties in Sao Paulo are always at least an hour drive away (no outdoor in the middle of a trillion buildings, right? =) so you will need a car, a ride from someone, or getting those Party Buses, which are more for bigger parties. As for big festivals, there are some from 2 hours, to 24 hours driving away (All of them have party buses), but I guarantee you most of them will make your mind go nuts.. Some really amazing places, wicked line ups, well worth whatever distance you have to go through.... Last big festival I went to last year was 24 hours away, (by party bus) but all the time people were smoking joints, drinking, talking, having fun. It wasnt a pain (and going back, I slept the whole time hehehe).. When we got there, I couldnt believe my eye: A huge valley, really amazing deco, 2 waterfalls less then 2 minutes walk from the dance floor, etc..
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