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  1. about the cover: but you are considering that the cover picture file you have is good quality in the first place... when you buy flac, does it come with the cover? I guess not.. and if you can get it, you will get it as a shitty scan file... So I guess all this discussion depends on whether we're talking about something for the future, or something for now... for the future, for sure cd's arent the best thing... but for now, I still think they are better than flac files... and like I said, the grease/scratch thing, you can always encode it just after you get the cd, before there is any scratch... unfortunately I dont have a good printer.. so I couldnt print good covers.. and even if it sounds somehow stupid, if the cover has more than 1 page, in the original it is all nicely cut and all in one booklet, whereas if you print it at home, it will come in a clumsy big paper, each booklet page in a different paper, kinda clumsy... or is there some solution to that you think of? btw, what about the plasticky kind of paper that booklets normally have.. what is that? Can you get it for printing at home too? Is it expensive? Does it work with normal ink printers?
  2. hey spindrift.. indeed cd's get scratched and stuff.. But I still preffer much more to have the original with the cover and stuff.. and I can always back up on my computer with a FLAC codec.... =)
  3. nah man, I dont mean you shouldnt download.. I mean, you can download for sure, imo... but if you find something you like, then it is a nice thing to buy (after all, its cool having a cd with the cover booklet and the cd, instead of a shitty cd-r and the tracklist in your friend's bad handwritting hehe)... Im sorry, I dont know the track you are talking about... for downloading 'illegal' music, people use the so-called p2p softwares... that's the most I help you, as for more information you need to search or ask someone else hehehe =)
  4. man, it always come back to this.... downloading is not bad 'per se'... It helps making a lot of people getting to know trance, then going to parties (which is one of the major ways of supporting the artists), and hopefully eventually buying cd's too... I for one started only downloading, then going to parties, and then buying stuff.. so it can be good too... btw,vrijsimpel... There are a lot of sites with free goa/trance mp3s, but the major artists normally dont have their music for free to download.. So, either you get them 'illegally' (and I suggest you buy the records you like most), or you listen to samples of cd's before buying (like at saikosounds.com where you can listen to a big part of the music, and then buy if you like), or just download free mp3s from not-so-famous artists
  5. from the samples, this cd will kick ass no doubt.... Omar Faruk (shulman rmx)? What a combination!! new on air rmx, new ishq, woaaaaaaaa.. and cool cover... Waiting for it, a sure buy... 30th of november congrats
  6. hey las22, when is that cd going to be out? Im curious about that one too
  7. either I got it wrong, or EP got it wrong.... from what I understood, the prog artists arent making full on tracks, but making REMIXES OF fullon tracks (and vice versa).. totally different.... so it would not be something that they dont like, but rather making some other genre INTO something they like...
  8. abukas? lol man, those albuns were great.. Blumenkraft amazing (but it was 2003 btw.. and you see how much it still is in people's minds), and abakus, very gentle, summer music.. high quality so which chill out did you like, pedro?
  9. "Well i think "psy" projects never knew how to make good chilled stuff," imo, you're not right.. Vibrasphere kick ass, both in psytrance and in chill... now shut up (hahaha kidding) recomendations: Abakus, Kukan Dub Lagan, hallucinogen in dub, androcell, gaudi and a few more =)
  10. from what I heard, I dont like it, AT ALL.. and I am a progressive lover... The singing sucks (very 'german' electro style or whatever), the bassline arent really well done, too 'straight', etc.. The only thing I noticed sometimes was some kinda nice percussions, but nothing really outstanding.. (my opinion anyway, for sure some people would love it) for good progressive, much better freq, antix, phony orphants and similar stuff (as mentioned in another thread, check out upcoming compilation by iboga called playground)
  11. hey quark, I see you like progressive.. I suggest you take a look at upcoming compilations from Iboga (called Playground), feat freq vs antix, phony orphants, etc.. and from submachine records (called day time) feat tracks from side a, motion (tetraktys' side project), etc.... So I just bought but havent arrived yet: Kukan dub lagan - life is nice Androcell - emotivision abakus - that much closer to the sun Next buy: Playground comp (iboga rec) Day time comp (submachine rec) Gaudi - Bass, sweat and tears + 1 more (either Shulman -In Search Of A Meaningful Moment, or sandspider - music for an imaginary film, or ten madison - milk, or VA - Talisman) future buys: phony orphant's upcoming cd, freq, vibrasphere, antix older cds and for sure more stuff =)
  12. if there are more than 2 bad tracks, I dont buy it
  13. oh yeah sure, this ´exophobia´ (would that word exist?) happens in all genres... and I dont agree with it... I guess we all agree that whenever there is a big unbalance, for whatever genre, it is not very nice.... I also wouldnt enjoy if only prog stuff existed... In many cases we profit from diversity in this world, dont we? once again, as for the thread main question: I dont think minimal is dead... But even if what happened to it can be considered ´dead´, I dont mind, because Im very happy with the occasional excellent releases nowadays... and indeed, peace
  14. is the cd lull from antix considered minimal? Then for sure minimal is not dead, still a lot of great minimal things being released occasionaly like haldolium´s track Salt, in the last cd... sounds minimal to me... In general I dont like full on.. too much noises, so each sound is not very important, as there are a lot of things on top.. minimal, on the other hand, makes each sound very important... repetition and minimality is very useful in specific situations.. take ethnic and native rituals, using minimalistic sounds, repetitive drums, with a very powerful effect on people´s mind... I also dont like this dark stuff like xenomorph, digital talk and others (like releases from parvati recs), for me it sounds like thought-less noise noise noise all over... I preffer proggy stuff, housy music like phony orphants, antix, vibrasphere, fusion and johnson, side a, or more powerful stuff like freq, etc.... I also like a lot ambient stuff (ott, abakus, etc) One thing I notice on this thread, is this cliche of ´the scene is dead´... Dont you realize that the scene is dead only if you think it is?! If you think it is more alive than ever, than you will see it as more alive than ever.. "The Prover proves what the Thinker thinks".... Another thing I notice is people talking about other genres they dont like as if it was the worst thing everr ("Im glad its over")... pfff... Cant you accept different tastes for different people? I in general (with some exceptions) dont like full on or dark stuff, but I dont want it to be over, because I know some people like it.. So I just dont buy it, dont go to parties that only play it, and go to the chill out when there is something like that playing.. You guys need more understanding, letting people have different opinions
  15. you MUST try out Irresistible Meltdown vol 3 (plusquam records) one of the very good morning sort of tracks there: missing time - working girl
  16. but they do fit ott perfectly (imo).... all the cd rocks big time, there isnt a single song I dont enjoy a lot! Brilliant tracks all the way! and honestly, I dont care much where it was originally taken from.. If the final outcome works for me, that's all I need
  17. ok first of all, it has not been 'PROVEN', it has been seen that IN GENERAL, MOST people dont hear a difference.... this doesnt mean everybody is the same, and you shouldnt consider it as a proof second, I believe on the effect of specific frequencies and combinations of frequencies in people's minds... Even if you dont CONSCIOUSLY hear something, doesnt mean your brain is not actually receiving that and creating a certain effect in your mind.... also, I guess that sometimes there are frequencies which you may not hear (like very low frequencies), but the body feel, like in an outdoor party with big sound system, and that 'body-only' frequencies are cool and important too
  18. my question is: Why do you have to charge more for Flac than for mp3, if the process of encoding is not harder, and it doesnt require any extra costs?!
  19. I dont usually like vocals in trance... to me one of the important things about trance is the 'abstractness', or how you can interpret thousands of little things and have a trip in your own head about the story the music tells.. Vocals seem to lock you into a specific set of associations there are some tracks that I find ok though.. like haldolium's last cd, which has quite a few vocals... or x-dream, which their vocals fit somehow in their fucking hard and teckish sounds...
  20. I was listening but I have to go now, so Ill continue some other time what I can say is that I like all these changes (like with the bassline) until 1:20... Later there was one particular effect that I didnt enjoy, but I cant define it now because I just closed winamp.. so as I said, I comment latter... btw, for what I had heard so far, it's not bad like the other guy said..
  21. iboga rocks man =) I second everything that was said, plus some more, like frogacult - femme fatale EP and a few others I will remember later
  22. hehehe indeed a lot of things we missed out yeah I forgot about tetraktys, but for sure many others too and yeah man: Sensuality... and beauty.... very nice I remember the first time I heard it, when Chris Melchior (formerly: Alhad) played it in a party here.. wow (and the acid in my mind made it even more wow hehehe)
  23. yeah I would call it prog... and it's indeed a really cool track.. Nice scary melodies and stuff.. and they kicked ass live in a party nearby =)
  24. there was a track by 'Gnome Effect' a few years back that rocked big time, but I forgot the name 'Cujorious one - alien snack bar' was a great dark progressive.. Wow, made me see some real alien tentacles flying over the dancefloor (on acid obviously hehehe) One track that always makes my imagination fly is Reefer Decree - Nightvision Visual paradox had some very nice housy stuff before becoming copy-paste full on(laughing dog on bog, and some other tracks) I really enjoyed when it was released Haldolium - 2nd movement there were some great POTS tracks too Antix last cd was ALL great too.. so was phony orphants This year there was a lot of very good progressive too.. I really like freq stuff (Dreambody rocks), vision and canedy and many others (many very good compilations) many many more I could think of Im sorry, like I said, too many tracks, so I cant even mention some particular ones btw, you guys named some very good stuff already =)
  25. too many... =) Ill write sometime... now my dog is crying because she wants to play, so I have to go hehehe
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