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  1. www.baladaplanet.com.br www.raveon.com.br for sure there will be big festivals somewhere.. just choose the right ones
  2. "Fundamental Progression on AP Records" <-- my friend said this comp is more full-on´ish, noisy, even the tegma track.. I havent heard it myself though.. is it true?
  3. oh yeah and check out the latest compilation from domo records: The swiss connection very good stuff
  4. ok names of some progressive artists cds, and short descriptions: Kooler - open (side project of Sebastian from son kite, excellent stuff, maybe little more housy and percussive than son kite) Vision and Canedy - another life (very very good housy prog) upcoming: Check out buzzmonx when it comes out.. surely it will be a blast, if it continues with the level of earlier stuff.. and maybe krueger and coyle too. and compilation: maybe try V.A. - chrome (submachine records) ... A little more darker and ´straight´ progressive, but I like it (specially tracks from tetratkys, mindfly and p.h.a.t) agreed with the suggestion above, try medium (midjium?) records too, see if it interests you
  5. nice site!!! hey, btw, I hope you come play in Brazil sometime, heh? =)
  6. yeah, skazi seek and destroy sucks big time... these neo-full on are horrible.. alien project is the master of them hahaha btw, about reefer decree.... have you listened to nightvision, or curved air? Those tracks are really good, imo
  7. sherlockalien


    "not directed to DP" <--- come on, dont be a pussy, we all know you called his mother hairy and his father hairless... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! =)
  8. In saikosounds it says it will only release in June.... How did you get it? I like the previous genetic spin.. so I want to see how this one will be
  9. daaaaaaaaaamn I have no speakers in this computer at work
  10. "Been listening to trance since 89" <---- wow, you´re probably as old as my grandfather.... hahaha just kidding =) damn I was only 5 years old back then.. You were listening to trance, and I was playing hide and seek hehehe
  11. "Besides, crap like this belongs in the off topic. " thank you for your wonderful demonstration of love towards the off-topic forum, jar =)
  12. biggest? probably Voov in germany, though Im not so sure... parties in very nice places in nature, Im sure there are some in europe, and places like that.. From personal experience I can say that there are many parties in Brazil that are very nice for example, one party I went last year (if you're a full on/psychedelic fan), in a beautiful valley that had many waterfalls near, including one that was 2 mins away from the dance floor "Live Acts: Hallucinogen (Twisted records UK) Parasense (Aciddance Rec - Rússia) Antidote (Solstice Music Japão - França) Space Cat (Vision Quest Japão - Israel) Soundaholics (Spun Rec - Holanda / Espanha) Bamboo Forest (Flying Rhino Rec - França) Wrecked Machines (Zig Zag Rec - Brasil) Skulptor (Etnicanet Rec - Brasil) Brain XL (Zig Zag Rec - Brasil) Mukunga Umbura (Solar Flares - Brasil) Burn In Noise (Shiva Space Japão - Brasil)" or another one in a nice beach that played: "Antidote (FRA) Deedrah (Solstice Music - JAP) Étnica (ITA) Kox Box (DIN) Lotus Omega (ITA) S-Range (SUE) Tortured Brain (UK) Hallucinogen ( Twisted Rec. UK ) Saiko Pod (Solstice Music - JAP)" and if you like progressive, there was one in a beautiful farm, with some nice lakes, a river, and lots of forest around.. and there it played: Ticon (live PA), Alhad, Loopis and James Monro
  13. I second all that was said above =) btw, lucky you for listening to them live, DP!! I just hope they play in voov....
  14. I agree, all pretty good.. beat bizarre is a little more psychedelic (like small bubbling sounds, etc), son kite more housy, freq more atmospheric and powerful.. I can´t decide if I preffer son kite or freq, but beat bizzarre would be third (but it´s still good)
  15. "Why would anyone want to dose up on psychoactive drugs and listen to violent DISTURBING music which communicates an apocoliptic intent?" because it´s the other side.. Yin and Yang, both are equally important... trance also brings up images in people´s minds, and seeing aliens, explosions, meteors and dark visuals is also beautiful, in it´s own way.. I for one dont like so much this kind of trance you mention, (nowadays I´ve been listening to more ´housy, green and blue´ music, if you can understand it) but I remember at one time I did enjoy a lot this dark music, like for example ´cujorious one - alien snack bar´.. Maybe leave the dancefloor when you dont like the music.. or choose parties with line-ups that will fit your taste better.. and remember not to judge people´s tastes (Im not saying you do, btw..), but just accept it as valid, just as your taste will also not fit someone else
  16. it´s great!! atmospheric, powerful and progressive, but I believe it will move even the ´full-on only´ fans.
  17. heyy never heard of it.. but must be nice, I like magnetrix.. There's an album (or is it an lp?) coming out from them sometime soon, isnt there?
  18. (continuing with the trend =) very interesting, anybody seen it?
  19. "If i want to listen to a female vocals i listen to Laura Pausini" LOL
  20. "Maybe stop putting LSD on your Cereals would make us understand what you mean antic ;)" <--- you think? I thought it was in fact some Crack Cocaine in his cigarrete, but hey, who knows? =)
  21. I wish there were good stores here.. but there aren't any
  22. actually I'll be comming from a party in poland, the 26th or 27th I guess.. I have no exact plans where I will arrive.. maybe berlin would be the easiest?
  23. anybody going to voov one or 2 days before the party starts? I want to get there a little early, but going alone in a foreign country to find a party god-knows-where is not very reliable.. so anybody is planning on arriving there early? If so, how are you going, car, bus, or what?
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