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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Astrix Title: He.Art Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: February, 2016 1. Shamanic Tales 2. Deep Jungle Walk 3. Alien Turned Human 4. Valley of Stevie (with Ace Ventura) 5. He.Art 6. Agate (with Ritmo) 7. Sapana (Album Version) 8. Awake The Snake (with Tristan) 9. Juno Reactor - Conquistador (Astrix Remix) 10. He.Art (Continuous Mix) Jeez, get a room. Used to love He-man. Had all the action figures (call them dolls and I'm gonna punch you in the face). Beast-man, Skeletor...even had Castle Grayskull. Looking back I never realized how homo-erotic those things were. Figured they just had a lot of muscles, and the tv show didn't help. But like a lot of sh*t you outgrow it. Soon girls became the main focus and no chick is going to date a dude who has a bunch of these things lying around. Like those toys, I feel I also outgrew Astrix. Sure I loved Eye to Eye when it came out, but musical tastes change and listening to it now just leaves me wanting more. Doesn't hold up, and while he was always into the full-on, he seems to have acquired an even more commercial sound with subsequent albums. So when this was passed on to me I gave it the full Leonard Nimoy. It says Astrix on the cover, but this doesn't sound like him. Hell listening to the uber-long opener it sounds like he kidnapped Simon Posford and got him duct taped in the trunk. Very tribal and mystical with loads of changes. Deep Jungle continues the deeper exploration of sound and it's very refreshing. Valley of Stevie was a more aggressive style of full-on and Sapana had a bunch of weird sounds, but finished on a strong, growly note. And that break was sick. I liked where he was going with the Conquistador remix, even after the triplets showed up. The whole album is deeper and more detailed than expected. Sure sometimes he reverts back to the full-on dude we always knew him to be (He.Art, Awake the Snake), but this was a really great effort that I didn't see coming. If you get the CD you get artwork of course, a sticker, and a poster. If you get the digital format you get a continuous mix of the entire album. Decisions decisions. Beatspace Psyshop
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