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    You're not wrong, agneton. But you're making a hen from a feather. Just a little btw when we gonna see next release from you
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    Commercial music, essentially I'd say, is music that was consciously written and produced with the purpose of appealing to the biggest possible crowd, given the current 'hypes'. That's definetely not what Afgin was trying to do with his Trance output, he simply and wholeheartedly loves this type of music. Complexity, easy-listening, etc. has nothing to do with the question how commercial music is, afaik. Honestly the term is so biased and that's why I'd rather not see it written in the context of this artist. We can discuss about it of course, this is just my honest opinion.
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    The only thing, I can say regarding this album, is: It's my guilty pleasure.
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    I'm going for that Atlantis album due in january. Immersion in deep space. Can't wait!
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    Was about to say the same. By the way if you are into euro trance, this is certainly not bad:
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    Greetings! This is a preview of my new upcoming album. https://soundcloud.com/fiery-dawn/fiery-dawn-dancing-machines-new-upcoming-album-preview 1. ONT 2. Dancing Machines 3. Technodrome 4. Moonlight Grooves 5. Lysergic Acid 6. Hell Is A Dancefloor 7. Flight On The Wings Of Night
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