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    i cannot understand how you keep the momentum of trolling for 10+ years. thats something else entirely. kudos.
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    It's big, it's beautiful, it's Median Project - Constellation Artist: Median project Album: Constellation Label: Suntrip Records Release: May 20, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Antidote 2. Mission Adept 3. It Is Not Possible 4. Infinite Space 5. On The Edge 6. Pandora's Box 7. Sand Of Time 8. Sunrise 9. The Constellation Of Aries This review is about what is in my opinion one of the most extraordinary release of modern Goa to date. An Album that encapsulates the cosmic tone of the genre in it's own unique and captivating way. Personally I can honestly say that only 3 or 4 other albums have ever granted me this much excitement, and none of those have been been in this style and this style is by far my favourite. This album is not another level, it is the level. If your brain converts sound into colours and shapes then this is going be one vibrant journey of electricity. The album art by ShivaOMArt really says it all as far as the spectrum of colours that you are going to be blasted through goes. You're going to experience warm rust pyramids filled with gold, strokes of amber splashed across azure temples and gas giants of cerulean creating reactions with scarlets. You might even spot some periwinkle In the distance. 'Yea yea, it sounds amazing but it's not a game changer' 'Sorry huh? What did you just? Not a game changer for whom good sir & madam?' It is certainly a game changer for Sergey who has advanced his skill to another level. The layers are as balanced as a spirit level placed by Vladimir Shukhov himself, the leads rip through the other sounds and at times dance around in prisms of energy above your head while at other times zip through your head taking you to star nebula's. Vocal samples nestle themselves neatly into tracks where they are placed, but it's really the other elements that make these tracks stand out. The dial tone in Mission Adept, the boombastic roar in It Is Not Possible & the unforgettable screeches for the first 4 minutes of Sand Of Time, my god even a 4 second sample of that track gives my brain dopamine thrush. The melody of Sunrise & The Constellation Of Aries make me drive exactly 4 kilometres over the speed limit with a huge smile on my face. It's all cosmic Goa, but not like you have heard before. Median Project has placed more emphasis on the moments that really make a track stand out, the introductions and outro's have been given more detail, the tracks have been filled with 'Bigger' sounds and more effort has been placed into introducing periphery sounds that make every listen unique. I have had this album since it's release, so I have had plenty of time to listen to it, the honeymoon period is over and I can with all certainty say that this production of art is up there with the greats of the genre and the broader spectrum of Psytrance. What Median Project has done is find a way to take cosmic goa up to the next stage of its evolution, I can consider this album an advancement towards the style that others (Hopefully) will build on. It does have all the NeoGoa elements that some people (Not Tsotsi) often find tiresome but the arrangements are what keep this exciting. For those of you that think that this genre has nothing new to add, crank this up when the sun goes down and prepare yourself for a visit to solar systems far away. As always I would like to thank Sergey for taking the time to deliver this masterpiece to us and making the world that much more colourful for it. His hard work really does pay off. Thanks to all others involved in the project including Suntrip for an interstellar addition to their catalogue. One Final word. The description of the album calls this Astral Projection meets Mindsphere, but I think we can surely agree that from now on this is pure Median Project an artist unto himself. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/median-project-constellation
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    Well my first album was RA - Earthcall and then Artha - Dream Telepathy, before that I labelled the album Loud - 5 Billion Stars as Goa. I didn't listen to any old school until about 2-3 years into my experience and didn't like it until one special night with me and Hallucinogen. How about that for credentials? There are pretty big differences between the two. But I think we already know what they are. Old school had a sense of play about where you can almost feel the artists on the other side of the track. The good albums certainly feel like they come from artists with a broader musical range who loop A LOT LESS, probably due to hardware. The tracks have quirks and more subtle changes that are a result of live knob twisting and all that. The looping that does go on gets tweaked so it doesn't sound so same same. Also the tracks have room to move, much more space in oldschool. HOWEVER, Kick drums are often weak and even if a good melody is present, having starting from heavily layered music I miss the craziness and extra psychedelia present in Neogoa layers. Some Old school blows my mind and I love how nothing is placed in a track without a purpose, but the real eargasms, increased heart rates and jumping around comes from Neogoa. While I hear the creative genius behind the classic old school albums, I get far more lost within modern classics.
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    Meh. Old school and new school is a thing and we certainly didn't invent it in this thread. We are simply trying to figure out what exactly new and old school means
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    Yeah that is the standart evolution formula for almost all electronic music...tracks are geting louder and more overloaded nowadays. There is a clear process of switching quality against quantity/thickness :/ Pleiadians were well known for their successful "multy layered" Trance, so the people are trying to recreate it. And they hope for glory and success if they copy an all time classic Band like Pleiadians/Etnica(wich i am not a fan of...i mean Pleiadians!) Today every child can rip FL studio and make music on the PC...in the 90s it was more difficult to get the hardware for producing. So talented Kids with rich parents could afford it...and do electronic music. And parents would not buy this stuff if their kiddo isnt playing an instrument for years already. So what i mean is that maybe 80% of 90s goa producers could play instruments/make quality music before they made Trance! This cheesy fullon wave in the 2000s was a group of untalented kiddos with PCs trying to make classic goa... thats btw the reason why all the good guys from russia and eastern europe came after 2000. You simply could not buy the equipment/PC in the 90s russia...even if the talent was there. Once i tryed to make Goa by myselfe too and i got a medium fullon/Goa hybrid track...a simple chord progression is not enough to get this blissfull alien like music. A trance track needs an unique and strong Character to sound like "Goa". And yeah...i hate this people too who think Goa trance MUST have something to do with India/Oriental culture xDD sorry for mei Englisch.
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    All right then, here is my story. Mostly accurate give or take a year, it's been a long time since I had no interest in music until the age of 13-14 (94-95) when my father bought me a Sony compact Hi-Fi for getting a degree in English language. It had a lot of buttons and shiny displays so I had to use it. So I opened my sister's drawer (2 years older) where she kept her cassettes and started playing them one after another. Mostly pop and rock of the time but also some rave and house played that time on the radio. I didn't pay much attention then, I could only hear a bang bang anyway However she also had a cassette of MJ's Bad. I really liked it but I remember thinking "it would be much better if there were no vocals, just the music". And after a while I realised that there was some music with no vocals, the bang bang thing. So I started re-listening those tapes with a bit more interest. One of those tapes had Scooter's Back In The UK. I used that track to wake up every morning for months. I guess that's the point where I was hooked in electronic music. Soon after I found out those genres were called Rave and it's harder sibling, Trance. So, as a teenager, I started looking for Trance (because, you know, harder). I went to my city's biggest record store (Musical, Patra, Greece) and bought my first vinyl. Titled N-Trance - Electronic pleasure with computer generated cover art. It was obviously trance. Well, no. What the F*** was that? Tried to return it the next day, but in vain, no returns accepted. So this time I go to another record store, smaller, run by the daughter of the Musical's owner. Although I didn't know back then , I got lucky. She knew about electronic music. I asked for a recommendation. It was between Trust In Trance 3 or X-Mix - Electronic Storm. She said get X-Mix, much deeper stuff. And it was. But I don't think I was ready for the subtleties of Techno music back then. But I was getting closer. And then it happened, goosebumps all over my body with the opening track of Goa-Trance Vol. 3. Struck gold. This was music I knew it. Goa Trance. Soon after I also purchased Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land and The Truth Of Communication. Thank you for ever (I don't remember your name). It was diificult to get Goa Trance vinyl so after those buys I turned to cds. My first purchase was Goa-Head Vol. 1. I had payed back then 10,000 drachmas, equivalent back then to 30 euros. How much do you pay now for your music? The rest is history. For a couple of years I was purchasing alongside Goa some Jungle, Drum & Bass and Rave but I had found my lifelong companion. I was happy.
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    That's something I would absolutely never ever tell anyone
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    This track made me sterile and half korean
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    Sorry, but this time I think I have to disappoint you ... this guy is really legit, he has more: (I am thinking ... maybe Imba is his Producer ... possible! )
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    have you ever seen Imba and Nhjo Hyenro online at the same time??? exactly! at this point it doesnt even matter if its a bit or if he was honest all along. in fact at this time, id prefer it to be the latter, id go see him live just to cheer the guy.
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    in my opinion the album or Ra ‎- To Sirius was the first developed new Goa trance sound! also the ep Ethereal ‎– All Systems Are Go does.
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    Wow there is some fuuun stuff happening in here! This thread has been so goooood, even if to just remind me some tracks i have forgotten haha.. Also, I never heard Quazar before! I don't know how but yeah, never.. and it just blew my mind! As for the original topic.. So hard to pinpoint as most of you already worked out, but Ethereal/BPC/Synsun must be some of the first and well Filteria is his own thing but he gave it that huge kickstart of energy at a perfect time.
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    I still absolutely refuse to accept "NeoGoa" (especially with that capitalisation) as a genre name. You can try to convince me otherwise but you'll fail. To me it's all Goa Trance. Period. And as for "the first newschool track", it's exactly as difficult to define as "the first goa trance track". There was a bit of fluctuation around the turn of the millennium. Off the top of my head, the Ra / Electron Wave / Dimension 5 trinity comes to mind, and also Tranceform Records with Blissful Moments / Ethereal / Ypsilon 5. Astral Projection's Amen isn't really oldschool either. Filteria was among them too but I don't hold him in nearly as high regard as most of the scene seems to.
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    Haven't had the time to properly check it yet, but if the Soundcloud wavefom is anything to go by, I'm pretty sure Trump could keep a few people out of his country with such a brick-walled thing. edit: holy shit it has vocals.
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    But I guess we in Serbia are winners, best psytrance ever:
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    I wouldn't call them nerds but that is another important topic. Goa producers back then were inventing the genre as they were going along. They had no Goa sounds to draw inspiration from, their inspiration was coming from all different genres. And another thing, because they relied mostly on hardware they couldn't have everything. So they adjusted their music signature depending on the hardware they had. That's why you have Miranda, MFG, Asia 2001 etc etc. All Goa but still distinct to each other. But with software...there are no limits. And that, ironically, is the limiting factor to inspiration.
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    I completely agree on skarma, he has a very nice and warm sound but to my ears it still do sound like software though. And that's fine :)
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    Cream rises to the top. Emmanuel is to goa trance today what Etnica/Pleiadians was yesterday. Another ripping, melodic effort by the king.
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    I am just curious how and when other people started to hear Goa psy music... how was the way that led you all to this awesome music? How has your music taste changed over the course of your life? Is there even better and more mature music than Goa out there? Is there a next musical step upwards after Goa? Would be very nice if you would dive into your past and write down your approximate age + the music you loved at that time(Style, Bands, DJs...everything!) Youtube links woud be cool to. Maybe one track that describes the phase in your life the best! I will do it for myselfe first: START: 3-5 Years: My parents told me that i loved Russian chanson music and a guy called "Oleg Gasmanov" ...i was singing it all the day xD 6 Years: I had a magical experience with Trance music on the family birthday party of my 18 years old cousine...my parents have all the euphoric dance expressions of me on video Tape...yeah It was basically commercial stuff like Paul van dyke...But for a child pure Magic. Fantasy. Wonderland. Space. Insomnia. Madness. I remember this track very well...it sounded very "hard" to me at that time. 7-10 Years: Modern Talking, russian Synthpop, Eurodance. CDs from my parents... My favorite at that time. 10-13 Years: An Italian school Friend gave me a cassette with "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory" from his older Sister and at this point i became a hardcore Linkin Park fan! I always liked the electronic elements in their music. After Linkin park i changed to the Emo side and my new flame was stuff like: Evanescens, Within Temptation, HIM, Nightwish and...I AM PROUD OF IT OK!!? 14-16 Years: I dont know how but i managed to download a Sven Väth Mix from the Internet. From this point on i Loved stuff like: Extrawelt, Pig&Dan, Boris Brejcha...but at the same time i was also into Progressive House and heard stuff like Deadmau5 or Glen Morrison. All in all this phase could be called Progressive Techno/House. 17-20 Years: Through Youtube i had the first Contact with Fullon and ProgPsy in 2006-07. Astrix, Astral Projection, Audiomatic, U-Recken, Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento and many more. Man that was a crazy time!!!!!!!!! At first i didnt even knew what goa is...until i bought Goa Head 2 on a flea market. I dont really know how old i was but Astral Projection - Kabbalah blew me away on this day. I remember the moment very well... Since GH2 i could finnaly distinguish between Goa, Psytrance and Progressive. 20-22 Years: Neurofunk, Dark Dubstep... 23-26 Years. GOA. 27-28 Years: Goa but more often the darker side of it...found Twilight Fullon for myselfe. Now: Darkpsy, Dark Ambient, Dark Wave/Synth, Ebm, Industrial, Psychedelic/Space/Doom Rock. so thats basically my musical "curriculum vitae" for now... You are welcome to write yours my friends!
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    4 Extra-Celestial Goa Trance tracks that delivers pure bliss to the listener. Inspired from elements of Hindu Cosmology & the creation of the universe. Enjoy the trip and have fun dancing! https://themaniac1.bandcamp.com/album/birth-of-time
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    Morning proggy stuff. Mastering by Kristian W (you may know him as Astralprojection here)
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    Wow, you are lucky! Straight to GOA Trance...and also quite good goa trance(Cosmosis, Dragonfly rec...) i had first to go through tonns of Fullon to finally find real Goa in the Ocean of Psytrance...but i love also the Fullon times! Yeah the parties xD i remember how i always met with my friends at friday to make a warm up with Psytrance. Then we went to the City Clubs to watch Girls and hear stupid Electro House or Techhouse xD After the Club we heard Psytrance again and talked about the Girls and how stupid they are nowadays....i want to be 16 again! haha
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    Really great topic. Thanks, guys. After reading a few good memories refreshed. My childhood took place in the far north of Russia, in the city with name Norilsk. Somewhere around 1999-2000, we connected to the local network and the dial-up Internet. Once I downloaded a folder with the name "Electronic music" from an public ftp server. At that time I loved things like a Prodigy "No Good" and Bomfunk MC "Freestyler". So I added pack of new MP3s in Winamp and started playing Starcraft with my friend. And at some point caught myself thinking that I really impressive what sounds right now. Looked up at the media player and saw that the name of the track was Cosmosis "Gift of the Gods"... This was the very first acquaintance I also was lucky with a good neighbor - a real music lover with cool audio system. He gave some CDs that are regularly ordered by mail... A lot of good stuff was in his collection... rare pearls from Dragonfly, TIP World etc. And I remember that in our city there was a dnb scene. With closed parties(not for youngster like me), and with local DJs, producers and enthusiasts who always shared good things like a Cubase, Reason, FruityLoops and many others... It was cool times...
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    Oh my goa, ha! there we go! Very good! Thanks you a bunch @astralprojection. Amazing music on this page. @Manuseroh yeah also isn't Red Lune and Visitors part 1 kinda alike? *the chanse to begin again* ,:P Anyway, fantastic replies, im truly greatful.
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    Mindsphere is the best thing that has happened to this scene in a long, long time. The quality of his music is up there with the old masters. I just discovered his unreleased (!) tune Gate of Sadness, what a masterpiece! It kind of reminds me of The Muses Rapt's Spiritual Healing, but a lot better and even more powerful. Listen to his live set from 2016, you'll find Gate of Sadness at around 1:31:40. Prepare to be blown away: To experience Mindsphere live is officially on my bucket list. I've compiled a Spotify playlist with his most powerful tunes, enjoy!
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    I think it's much more in the mix than master, but certainly it's my belief you can mix a track to sound old school. I've already "decided" that mixing style and production style is what defines either.
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    after now listened to the full album, id say about 60% of it, is new school, and the rest i still claim "New Old School" agree to kinda agree, tsotsi?
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    I was going to wait till I listened to it 100 times, but after 20 times I think I'm getting the feel. This is one of the best goa trance I have ever heard. We already had a great share of good music and amazing artists, but Median is right up there. Shining. Where his album on Global Sect was also very good, Constellation has enormous depth, euphoric layers, and fantastic balanced frequencies. I'm very happy to hear that Sergey tuned down the snares and claps, which were very present in his previous work. I'm listening to parts of Constellation every day. In my bed, in the car, ... He manages to transform a whole idea into music. Only given to the most talented. Every track is a space journey. Every track puts a smile on your face. Very good review Tsotsi! Constellation deserves that. We will look back and confirm year after year that Constellation is a milestone in Goa history. I'm sure of that. Grab it while you can!
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    well, he posted a video some time ago, so at least we know there's a guy that looks like his avatar who's willing to set up a dj desk in a (small) warehouse play mwnn and sing to it.
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    I'm sure someone appreciated the interest from those 50. Nice words in your medal-riser:) Fund rayzors .. I might as well try to make one for the VA soon, why not, maybe some Goaheadz will love to pitch on / pre-pay to ensure the best possible LOVE
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    This is getting silly now... (Or did it already several pages ago?) I remember that there were goa-flavoured .mods in the tracker scene in 1993-1994. The term "goa" as a genre was barely known back then. However, soft-synths were quite limited so there was plenty of sample ripping from hardware or commercial sources (which in turn were typically hardware-based). Where do you draw the line with "no external synths used"? One landmark was Propellerhead Software's ReBirth, which was released in December 1996 and made fully soft-synthetic classic goa sound quite easily achievable. I have some tracks from 1997, which indeed credit ReBirth as more or less the only sound source. And you could distribute ReBirth-sequenced files directly too. Those were definitely 100% PC. It's also known that Shiva Shidapu was releasing tracker music in 1997 and they were hardly the only ones. No idea about all their sound sources, though. I think I made some pure AdLib FM-synth tracks in the mid-90s. The manufacturer of the original card went bankrupt in 1992 so the hardware option was definitely there earlier than goa as a named genre existed. The sound capabilities were definitely limited, but a 303 is not a strict requirement for producing goa, right?
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    It was a great collab! Can happily recommend AP to anyone who is looking for good mastering:) Uptaded the link in the OP with better playback quality.
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    A couple years since I spinned this... classic goa.
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    So this is basically your way of taking "revenge" on me. Oh how lovely.
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    maybe i was a bit harsh to this reply, because i do agree with you in philosophy. but , from a nerds perspective i do want to get to the bottom of this thing
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    This thread is impossibly hilarious I'm not even gonna claim The Best, as there isn't one, but one that I feel doesn't get as much appreciation as it should is: Satori "Razor"
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    I think we should never, ever try to put music in a box, based on a date. The music genre is GOA-TRANCE Of course you CAN (depends even) hear the difference between a 1994 or a 2012 created track, but I prefer to call this evolution, and as you know, Filteria is 100% analog/Synths so in theory his album coming out in 2020 could have been made in 1999 for instance Naaah, don't limit yourself to such definition, just enjoy the music because of the psychedelic feeling and melodies Because it is... Goa-trance
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    How we say in Germany: Wer sucht, der findet! Here some forgotten NEWSCHOOL pearls i found these days...and dont forget the task we have my friends. We will find the first NEWSCHOOL track out there! What we have so far: 1999 2001 What do you Guys think about this Stuff?????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2000 there are no single tracks on yt from Electron Wave so check out please: 40:32 Interstellar Asylum, 49:40 Temporal Distortion , 56:55 Neuron Tranceiver But the whole Album is Newschoolish. 2000 2000 2000 2000 1999 1999
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    I think it's German though "Freitag, Samstag fick' ich meinen Kopf Feier' ich 'nen Zopf, mach' mir keinen Kopf" At least I know what Kopf, Freitag, ficken and some other words mean in German
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    very nice insights and some food for thought here. but id like to steer back to production style, because new school goa seems to have much more focus in mixing/technical side. More "perfect" like kicks, basslines, hihats, etc. Everything is precisely engineered to absolute perfection (to the best of the artists ability anyway) whereas the old school goa; was much more about the actual music - and the mix and the sound itself was secondary. now, with new school, i feel the sound and the technical aspect of the track is more in the forefront than it was, and the music comes almost secondary, or at the very least; on equal grounds. this is ofc a very broad generalisation, and there are tons of exceptions.. but as to the discussion in the above comments, i think those tracks (MFG, Calfornia sunshine, BPC, yahel) are very old school BUT its a more floaty type of goatrance. (which happens to be my favorite type) I like the way your brain works Psychedelic Superbeast we are really getting down into the core, the essence and soul - of goa here.
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    I feel a bit bad to ask this since the demand would be low for this album, but if by any chance Nuclear Ramjet - Age of Aquarius could be remastered it would be really great, been dreaming of a remastered version of the track Minas Morgul. I know it's a long shot though. Thanks anyway for the hard work!
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    We also have Proxeeus. For what I know he is using only or mainly classic hardware synths and effects (or their modern clones) Does his music sound oldschool to anyone? For me it does in terms of production but not so much in terms of composition and melodies (chaotic/agressive rather than hypnotic/entrancing) but I don't actually know much about 90's goa except for AP, MWNN some Blue Planet Corporation and such. Btw, I think it's time for someone to invent "post-neogoa", blendng all these cool psytrance sounds, FM, metallic noises, alien insect sounds and such with goa melodies and "cosmic" atmospheres.
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    not sure probably the style of music. no, i dont think so. and if it was then i think the breaking point must be 2003/2004 yep, that has alot to do with it for sure, but certainly not every time. filteria for example who is a hardware nut =) yes. production style is for me the thing that defines it. good question! uhm, i guess not really a hard answer, since style of music seems to be the most defining character; i think the same way a person could make newschool goa he could also make oldschool goa (meaning LESS layers, LESS software-like sound, using hardware sequencers and synths for sure will help here)
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    arguably, sneila's species album from 2001 could be the first newschool. it was happily played in newschool dj sets and also has that early newschool sound (bright, soft melodies, melodic but not overloaded like later newschool, also not really like pleiadians at all). other contenders are the blissful moments compilation (2003), ethereal - anima mundi (2003) and ypsilon 5 (2004; it's pure newschool imho), sky input of course, va - pure planet (2004; this one includes sneila as well as goasia). these along with apsara (2005) really defined the newschool sound (of the time) for me (well, maybe not no much sky input — filteria has his own unique style). a sound that was dominent until daze and arcana (which broadened the scope of newschool). i miss the "old newschool" nowadays. i much prefer it over what's popular in now (morphic resonance, celstial intelligence, ...) btw: space juice is psytrance rather than goa in my music library ;). but yeah, many tracks from around that time (or a little earlier) are hard to divide into psy or goa. try to classify talamasca - the old school, the tracks from cosmosis' contact album, electric universe's unify album... you'll get different answers from different people :)
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    Classic Goa Trax just released something else... A remaster (by Tim Schuldt) of Shakta's classic debut album Silicon Trip on Dragonfly! Acidic, funky, spiralling Brittish goa-trance that still kills dancefloors today! :) Available on following digital platforms (and more): 1. The Neuromancer 2. Lepton Head Part III 3. Silicon Trip 4. Ion Tribe 5. Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies 6. Temporal Shift 7. Shakti Shakta 8. Inner Polarity 9. Loopmutant 10. Earthrise Bandcamp: https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/shakta-silicon-trip-2019-remaster/ Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/search?q=Shakta+Sillicon+Trip Itinus: https://music.apple.com/be/album/silicon-trip/1468425735 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/6X3ynwvlzq8UMpPUDzfRnw
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    Mirror's Edge series ... soundtrack by Solar Fields - and a really good one you can also list Unreal ... combat themes are probably what you like: And if you really, really like Unreal Tournament ... there is a huge scene devoted to remixes and some of them are absolut psytrance ... may I direct you to this (imo underrated) thread: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73233-unreal-tournament-psytrance-remixes/ héhé
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    Fantastic influenced art-work, very cool music. Kudos and congrats with your <1 <2 <3 <4th year::)
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