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Global psytrance scene meltdown?

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Yo psytrancers,

i've not posted on this fourm in many years. I was active in year 2000 and up to about 2008 or so. During that time I threw some parties in Austin Texas.

My goal in life was to live simple and to mind my own buisness and work on my spiritual practices. I also wanted to go around the world and party with all the beautiful people. 


IN 2020 we see 20/20 that there is a global cabal of tyrants that perch on humanity via government and corporations. The coordinated lockdowns and uniform maskin, with now forced medical treatments and "fake vaccines" has all rolled out across the globe at the same time. Every where you go the power structure is following the same script: Oppress the people. 


I've traveled and partied in Taiwan and China aside from my own base and the reason for that is need of currency. So i'm workin on that now but i'm just wondering what yall think. Are any of the rest of you wanting to travel and party across the world? How are we going to be able to do this with all this mask hysteria lockdown travel bans forced medical treatments and 28 day quarrantines (china). I mean wtf really. This is outrageous. WE gotta stop this if our way of life is to go forward in any way shape or form. I  mean I have my spiirtual practices that keep me healthy and fit. Each on of us has our own responsibility and we cannot force others to anything. I just wonder if this New World Order has canceled the global psytrance scene? 

I reccomend these links although I don't agree with the whole "reptilian" narrative Icke talks about I think he's confusing a couple of different thigns there. But yea discuss! 



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Hi ... um ... as a person who had Covid, I can tell you it's pretty nasty shit and I can understand China, that they have these strict rules, because China is crammed with people; if they get a serious spread there it's gonna be apocalypse...

The restrictions hit me aswell because I want to go to China again for a bit of travelling, but at the moment they don't let any tourists in, I was told ... and even if they do, as you say there is 28 days quarantine - I can only take a few weeks off work, so that's not an option.

I have heard though, once through the quarantine, you are a free person in China 28 days later and can do EVERYTHING there ... and that means much, I tell you, because here in Austria the ECUs are full and we are lockdowned again and well, even if some people do party illegally in private, I do not condone it and I absolutely don't go there, because as said, I know what Covid feels like to me and I really don't want to catch it again and we have enough cases here meanwhile absoutely everywhere :o

As for that "cabal of tyrants" ... nah, I tell you, the only thing that is, is that some humans out there are gigantically stupid ... and while that is a problem, it also prevents such "big conspiracies" from happening, believe me, people are just too stupid for it to pull it off ... and even if you contradict me on that and say that these do exist, I am slowly leaning towards acceptance, because if people are clever enough to pull this off, in this world of immense stupidity and selfishness, they deserve it almost a little.

I have a good soundtrack for your state of mind, with which I wanna close my post ... here it is:

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