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help please for me to get my infernal angel once again

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hello to all, gee this is a ghost thread these days isn't it?
once apon a time it used to be booming with buying and selling, i guess a strong indicator that cd format is a dying breed.
saying that i am still very much a cd enthusiast, and as alot of you golden oldies here know once apon a time i had alot of cds, and sold alot also to fund life challenges, but have always kept most of the ones i love (exception the rare ones which i could only part with for a decent price to make my loss slightly more bearable)
well scatterbrain - infernal angel is def one of them i could never part with and seems i have worn it out now and jumps around like a billy goat on heat.
so i am looking for another one, now prob is it's extremley hard to find and when i do it selling for a weeks rent and a sunday roast, so i am calling on anyone who has it in their collection, maybe no longer likes it, or is a digital fan like most these days and just not got around to or can't be bothered selling it and just gaining evil dust on your weary lopsided shelf. funny thing is i do have it backed up somewhere on a hard drive but i no longer have technology to burn a cd, what's with that???
i don't have alot of money to spend on it, but could maybe try to look through my collection and do a trade/part trade etc ( i do have some goa on vinyl also)
i bought it when was released for about $20 and i guess it's now worth more as it was more limited than some of the others. spoke to various people associated with digital psionics and no luck there.
so calling on anyone here who could maybe help me out (remember those great deals i use to give when selling hint hint) calling on karma right now with no expectations
anyway thanks for reading if anyone is (tumbleweed just flew past me) boom

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I'm only writing this so this thread doesn't seem so lonely, as I am also guessing you have also already seen it for sale on Discogs for $170

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2 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

I'm only writing this so this thread doesn't seem so lonely, as I am also guessing you have also already seen it for sale on Discogs for $170

thanks man, yeah getting lonely alright,  how i see it, so many people now have ditched cds and they just gathering dust and wasting away, yes literally deteriorating which i think with over use contributed to mines demise, i on the other hand listen to them every day and don't do digital, and as this is one of my favs hoping to get it back again, not willing to pay those kind of discog prices especially now with covid etc, will cost even more with post here to australia. so hoping someone here could see my situation, i never expect anything in return, but have done the same for so many here over the years was hoping for some sort of karmic return, but i get the pull of possessions and the power it can have, and maybe i just not meant to have it again, but always hope

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