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the 90s trance-dance nostalgia thread

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there has to be some meaning to the feeling of nostalgia, no? either way sometimes when you feel like youre about to just end it all, the feeling of nostalgia really does help you get grounded and come back into some sort of meaning














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When I think of the 90s, the first things that come to my mind are Paul Van Dyk and Love Parade :D

Here's both:


... but the 90s had so many other great stuff.

Utah Saints ... I didn't know them in the 90s, shame on me, but that doesn't matter, just am an even bigger fan now:

But being totally honest, in the early 90ies I neither knew Paul Van Dyk, nor any other trance artist ... this shit is what we listened to because it was played on our radio.

and be honest: it's not good, but I say it is so off the charts that it's already good again ... compared to this even Texas Faggot isn't that mad :D

Most what I did know in the 90s of trance and techno was on Dream Dance compilations and Future Trance, although that was even later.

This one stuck especially:

But my REAL techno and trance obsession started with Mauro Picotto, in the early 00s ... which is not part of this thread anymore...

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