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VA - Global Sect Radio


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Artist: Various
Title: Global Sect Radio
Label: Global Sect
Release: June 27, 2020

1. Astronobios - Spider Web
2. Atlantis - Acid Goa Madness In Moscow
3. Psy-H Project - Genesis
4. Proxeeus - Orne & Hutchinson
5. Alienapia & ShivaOm - After The Universe
6. Merr0w - Space Whale Confirmed
7. Median Project - Midnight
8. Astrancer - Ain Soph
9. Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe (Median Project Rmx)




Round 2.

If any of you prefer reading rather than watching these video's let me know and I'll post the script.

Good job to Global Sect on this one, has pretty much been played every day since I got it. 



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I watched your video review, interesting format and I appreciate that someone here takes the reviews seriously and is dedicated to the art. I'm sure your video reviews will become more refined as you go along, this is certainly a very good start mate. :) I like the humour it's always a nice way to break up the monotony. Btw the grated mozzarella cheese was a good intro. :D 

Some ideas for the presentation/format, it would be great if each track name/artist name is displayed while you talk about that specific track. That way you could grade/score the tracks visually as well when you are at the end of each track review.  If you wanna take your reviews/youtube to the next level, I would advice in investing in a good/popular camera + camera stand as the ones youtubers often use. It will enhance the presentation with regards to image and sound clarity. I found it a little difficult to hear every word at times, probably due to the australian accent as well. ;) 

Good luck and best wishes with this youtube project! Review some classics if you have the time/want to. :) 

My wish list for video reviews: 

Pleiadians - I.F.O remastered, it would probably need to be two parts due to double CD.

Etnica - Live in Athens 1996

UX - Ultimate Experience

Psygone - Optimystique

Asia 2001 - Amnesia

Yahel - Waves of Sound

Dimension 5 - TransAddendum

Dimension 5 - TransStellar

Dimension 5 - Intastella

Hunab Ku - Magik Universe

Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone

Lost Buddha - Untold Stories

Hallucinogen - Twisted

Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird

Doof - Let's Turn On

Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth

Somaton - Future Memories

Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Infected Mushroom - The Gathering

Infected Mushroom - B.P. Empire

Astral Projection - Another World

MFG - Project Genesis

Miranda - Northern Lights

Miranda - Asynja

Khetzal - Corolle

Afgin - Astral Experience

Ra - To Sirius

Ra - 9th

VA - Pyramidal Trancendence

VA - Energy Waves

VA - Opus Iridium

VA - Airborn

VA - Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol 1

VA - Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol 2

VA - IsrAliens vol 1

VA - Sun Trip - Goes Fourth

VA - Sun Trip - Second Phase

Some of the classic compilation series like Goa Head, Tantrance, Destination Goa, Pulse, Distance To Goa and so on. Other more obscure sought after EP's albums and VA goodies as well.

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4 hours ago, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

hey Loop...i am the rude guy here so fuck off and flirt with others about analog synthesizers instead making fun about homosexuals...freak ;)

That was unnecessary ... you're lucky that Loop took it cool. My thumbs up for that!

@Tsotsi you did well there - I could listen to more of these.
I think for doing this, you need a personality that's suitable for video making - and you have that ... I don't know if I have that personality, I probably am more suitable for interviews and asking questions...

All the best! I hope that you will do more of these. AstralSphinx's list is a good suggestion if you were looking for any :)


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@AstralSphinx Thanks amigo, I tried putting artist - track titles at the bottom left of the screen of the Global Sect review and it didn't look right so I took them out. I'll try again to see if I can get it right but yea it is a better way to go especially if i'm going to not always make sense.


@RTP , @Psychedelic Superbeast & @recursion loop Wouldn't be the internet if we didn't have some kind of drama, i'm happy my video's have created this so quickly. For real though thanks for all the suggestions, as you may have noticed in my written reviews I have not a clue about the kind of instruments being used in Goa and need to find other ways to describe the music. The most helpful thing I could get would be some direction as to where to find info on synths, arpeggiators, grooveboxes etc. Maybe a production or off-topic discussion would be better than here though. There used to be a web-page available even a few years ago that had a super comprehensive list of how to make Goa and Psy along with embeded software instruments you could play with. It seems to have stopped existing or atleast moved somewhere that my searches can't locate.

Thanks all for any kind words, Psynews users are the only people on the internet that I value the opinion of and hence the only place i've posted these vids so far.

Oh @RTP How do I insert 'Hidden Content' Expandable drop boxes? Like what some of the users have? I would probably want to use this for written scripts for people to read as they are pretty long.image.png.9d8ee5e38aa0c6e26f991c941dd3b388.png

More to come --> On to Album discussion.

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12 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

Oh @RTP How do I insert 'Hidden Content' Expandable drop boxes? Like what some of the users have? I would probably want to use this for written scripts for people to read as they are pretty long.image.png.9d8ee5e38aa0c6e26f991c941dd3b388.png

use the spoiler tags.



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