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Aion - Scepter of the Machine Construct EP (KERDiG007)

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KER BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/scepter-of-the-machine-construct-ep

KER is ultra proud to present to you and the whole world a super exiting, fresh and unique Electronic Dance and Psytrance release by the extremely talented, experienced and delightful music composer and professional Disc Jockey, AION. Aion is Henning Olsen Winter, a creative and dedicated production wizard from Røros City not far from a well famous U.F.O. and mushroom spot up in Norway. He has as you can hear when you push play a genuine felt love and respect towards sound design, general music, and audio perfection. 

This awesome EP contains 3 original tracks which represents his approach and journey into the forever pulsating Psytrance genre. The "Scepter of the Machine Construct" EP was originally made in 2018 - but for its worldwide 2020 release on Kali Earth Records through Beatspace-distribution, it's been carefully and thoughtfully upgraded on it's audio, mastering, and artwork. 

"The act of three, rising from the mysterious sea. Celestial choirs, a voice that inspires. Initiate system dynamics, ever changing fluid mechanics." - A thank you to all my friends who supported and pushed me to release these tracks :)

All the best, 


Beatspace BC: https://beatspace-kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/scepter-of-the-machine-construct


Worldwide release = 29th of February.

All tracks are written and produced, mixed and mastered, plus cover-art design fixed by Henning Olsen Winter aka. Aion. 


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9 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

In my experience, these spots are usually just famous mushrooms spots.

Lol well yes, anyway Aion is not from there (Hessdalen), but close. Btw. Aion is not far from completing his 2nd, and 3rd EPs.. They are a couple three good miles better than this debut EP. He spent lot of time on them for sure. We hope his production will get nice tracktion out in 2020. Maybe even a bigger label would like to buy his music B) XXPSY

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