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Artist: Pete & Pan
Title: Return Of The Goddess
Label: Goa Madness Records
Date: November 27, 2019

1. Serra Del Estrela
2. Elysian Fields
3. passing Spirits
4. Tantric Tweak,
5. The Fool
6. Abundance
7. Nowhere
8. Solstice
9. Muse (Bonus Track)

Peiter, will you tell me a story? I’ll do better than that for you Peiter, we are going to make one together


Pieter Goessens & Pieter van den Broeck make up Pete & Pan. If you haven't watched the Goa Madness interview with these fella's go and do so to get an idea of what they are all about. Alternatively you can take my word for it that they are all about having a fun and bringing enjoyment to the world. 

And if you know about Goa Madness Records then you probably know that they pretty much only release well produced psychedelic Goa albums. 

Taking this into account you can expect a well produced psychedelic Goa trance album that is almost filled to the brim with good times and positive story telling. The feel good aspect of this album is something I haven't heard since listening to Spiritual Healing.


Serra Da Estrela Good intro's are the most wonderful little gift that makes an album so much better. Serra Estrela has Astrix level Shamanic Tale vibes and does the trick of transporting you to another world like nothing else. The baseline is deadly and the magical atmospheres carry you through to a large vibrant melody that pick you up and take you higher and higher if you let it.  

Elysian Fields An anthem for all the teenage boys and girls out there that could never get some. A perfect mix of despondent teenage insecurity floats around positive future outlooks. If Elysian Field (Which is perfectly titled) does not pull an adolescent from their glum self pity into a mood terrorized by hope and positivity then nothing but time will. There is a playful little surprise for us further down the line that turns into a gamechanger for the track.

Passing Spirits I like the vocal samples here. They all fit in really well and remind me of old 90's vocal trance that I used to hear in my friends old gym. Body Pump in North Australia circa 2005 is written all over this track. 8 bit sounds can also be found around Passing Spirits as can some key changes that almost always leave me feeling cheated. This time is no different but I find it easier to get over it and move on to my continued enjoyment of the track.

The wicked first act sets the scene for the rest of the track that is The Fool. The smooth leads form into a smooth melody that travels around the void calmly juxtaposed against a dirty bassline and kickdrum. The two take turns with your attention and build a glitter spangled storyline 

Tantric Tweak Cool title and another cool intro comes as no surprise. If you want a track that builds and builds and builds then this might be the track for you. The explosion of feel good vibes wrapped up in a wide melody makes you want to stroll where rays of sunshine can surround you in warmth the way that Tantric Tweak warms you from the inside.

Darker atmospheres crawl out of the intro to Abundance but quickly get buddied up next to some playful positivity. The track builds and builds into something almost unrecognizable to the beginning. Absolutely incredible story telling that has so far remained impossible to not get lost in.

Nowhere Melodies of raw sugar screech across your brain and etch themselves into it. Behind that you have a melodies begging you to throw your arms out to the side to glide on euphoria.

Solstice Starting energetic and full of playful potential as can be expected with these bubbas. Here you're gonna get more twists, just as many feel good melodies and scorching raw leads of nuclear fusion.

Muse (Bonus Track) It's been a long time since ive sat through such a purposefully uplifting banger. Muse is the sort of track you close a magical festival experience with, leaving everyone full of bliss and peace. A favourite from the album for it's pure emotional power.


Goa Madness continue their selection of hand crafted, top quality maestro produced Goa Trance. The production quality here is on par with Hypnoxocks Eurythmia, everything is polished, clean & purposeful. 

Each Track is a story and each finishes far away from where it starts. Listen to your album however you want, but try as many different ways as possible, back to forth, front to back, on shuffle. each time you get a different perspective and a different journey. 

Some of the track in Return Of The Goddess are the sort of music The Muses Rapt should have been producing in 2019. Well Pieter & Pieter have taken the torch and given us something that is so delightful I'm scared of listening to it too much. If Pieter & Pieter are going to go to the effort of releasing this piece of wonder then i'll face my fears and listen to this album till my heart is content.

This album is certainly going into my top 10 for 2019 and something I'll be bumping every time I need a little extra aural love in my life.

Thank you Goa Madness and all of the Pieters involved in this project.



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First of all.....Thank you very Fairy much for these kind words!
We have put our Heart & Soul in this Story... and Glad to hear it touched yours!

Great writing skills too brother. You have chosen your words so elegantly. It reads very smooth ...
You are a storyteller yourself! ;-)



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Being original in this genre today isn't a small task, but the two Piets definitely are! One is a member of Quantum Fantay and you can definitely hear that in parts, which is beautiful. The other one is easily one of the most creative persons I know and has evidently studied the music on dancefloors all over the world for a long time. There's so much knowledge and creativity in this album that even though it's still very early, I believe that it's one of the most authentic goa trance albums of the decade.

Hats off, guys, honestly!

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This album shows immensely the essence of Goa Trance. Anything is possible!
Goa Trance is not supposed to follow a formula, not supposed to be generic, but innovative, different and just plain fun!
Here we get massive amounts of fairies, angels, floating sounds, chord changes, bouncing basslines and much more.
Yep, this is a euphoric, happy and pleasant album of music by Pete and Pan.
I witnessed them live at Ohm Gathering in Belgium not so long ago and I remember it was the most outstanding revelation. Something different! Very trancy!
The whole album breathes the same happy atmosphere. And if I have to pick a favorite: Tantric Tweak.
Man that track is phenomenal. Just the right amount of happiness and heavy basswork.

Really great great job you guys. I'm enjoying this enormously. Purchasing now. :)

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Current goa trance music:







This album:





This album is most certainly different.  This is the Unikitty of goa trance.  SUPER POSITIVE.   Elysian Fields sounded like it had samples from Cotton Eyed Joe and then took a darker turn!  Sirs, you aren't following the rules.  Passing Spirits and it's key changes put me off, but The Fool and Tantric Tweak got things back on track.

You know what else it is?  All over the f*cking place.  It's like a toddler running on pixie sticks six deep with a can of silly string.  There is certainly something to be said about not creating paint by numbers goa trance, but to me this seems like...well, kinda like, uh...



Do I like it?

I don't really know.  I love when things are different than the norm whether it's movies, music, or other art.  There should never be boundaries on creativity.  Keep pushing, keep exploring.  I will say this:  For me it's not instantly digestible.  It's not the style of goa trance I normally embrace.  It certainly will take many listens to appreciate (more than what I have currently given) which is a task I will may undertake.  Nothing good comes easy, but on the other hand listening to music is a leisure activity.   Do I want to work hard to enjoy music?   This is certainly not your run of the mill goa.   And it is definitely like nothing I've ever heard before. 

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