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Sky technology – Rainbow Spirit


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Artist: Sky Technology
Album: Rainbow Spirit
Label: Neogoa Records
Release: September 29, 2019

1. Hidden Secrets
2. Escape From Babylon (Sky technology Remix)
3. Winky Dink And Nod (Album Version)
4. Fake Dance
5. Katedra – Collision Course (Sky Technology)
6. A Ray Of Light (Album Acid Version)
7. Just Do It
8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version)
9. Rainbow Spirit
10. Memories of Another Life

Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who has released 4 studio albums including Rainbow Spirit. I kind of remember Spirituality although I Don't think I ever listened to it through and through, the rest of his albums are going to require some searching from me. I have thoroughly enjoyed his features on various compilations and have until now thought that he mostly did Neogoa and down-tempo Goa which he rules at.

I’ve listened to Rainbow Spirit from start to finish, back to front, and shuffled all about. I get the most enjoyment on the Shuffle option and decided to review from that angle.


4. Fake Dance: Damn this fella is going fast and hard on this album. If I heard this on a dancefloor in the deep hours of the night I would come out the other end a jabbering jattering jittering mess. For at home listening it’s a little too hard for me, but That doesn’t mean I can’t see the place for this crazy ass song. The Final louder and more intense lead is pretty wild and enjoyable. In fact it’s absolutely wild.

6. A Ray of Light was one of my favourite tracks off of the Call of Goa Vol. 3 Compilation and the Album Acid Version just brings it to another level. Sky Technology brings the energy right from the start to the finish and doesn't skimp on the light rays of aural sensation.

8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version): Does he mean they don’t eat alien protein anymore? Damn kids have changed. I believe this to be one of my favourite on the album.

9. Rainbow Spirit comes at you with more another machine gun bassline and a bright Nitzho melody that turns into a pretty exciting midway break before coming back just as hard. The main break and final leads stand out here, the rest of the track doesn’t quite hit home for me.

2. Escape From Babylon comes in a bit of an easier pace to keep up with and instantly brings the vibe of a banger. This is most certainly my album favourite. The leads whip around each other while the kick pounds onwards never giving up.

10. Memories of Another Life starts with all the potential of a track that could be chill. Aint gonna happen though hombres. The track really takes off at 3:18 and gives us a taste of something we haven’t heard on the album yet.

3. Winky Dink And Nod has all the feels of a Nitzho track found in the deep forests of Scandinavia. Squelches and bubbles envelope the track and keep it dark and deep.

1. Hidden Secrets is tribalistic goa and another track with a difference on the album. Maybe one of the best produced tracks here with an entire catalogue of elements working towards a beautiful piece of work.

7. Just Do It is another fast and hard machine gun pound fest. Not a favorite but definitely appealing to those that like it fast, hard, relentless and extreme.

5. Katedra - Collision Course (Sky Technology Remix) Obviously this isn't going to be some rinky dink Sloa Version of Collision Course... Wait. Has Katedra even released the original of this track yet? Well gonna be a gatling gun firing rounds of bass in your face with the fastest strobe light we have. I really loved the screech lead that came in at 2:40, but have to stop myself from being disappointed that it doesn't spiral into something more amazing. The only reason this thought hits me is because the final bar sounds like it's about to jump into a different rhythm and start bouncing all around the place, instead it repeats itself onward. Putting this unreasonable expectation aside Sky Technology's remix is balls to the wall great and finally a fast and hard track that I can listen to over and over again.

That is the album folks and Folkettes. A nice mix of Goa and super fast Goa that changes the music I expect to hear when I see Sky Technology release a track. Other than some bass lines that I wasn't a huge fan of I think the album has mostly solid tracks that will tear up a dance floor without a doubt in my mind. I have about 6 favourites which is decent 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10. Most of the track sit between a 7 - 9 minute run time which is completely appropriate for their intensity.

Trance2MoveU made a comment on his spirituality album in 2016 "Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time." Well that holds for this album too, a little bit of both for our pleasure. Well done to all involved, another extreme album to add to the growing collection of chaos that has been released in 2019.


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Thank you very much for taking the time to do the review of this release. Like you said, for me personally aswell it's one of the most intense releases in recent years we had opportunity to release and it feels like a hurricane of fast paced Goa music. Not for everyone, but in case you like energetic Goa music, it should do the work I guess.

Few more copies are available at the link Tsotsi posted in his review.

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Because we don't believe in streaming platforms. If you want to support the work of the artist and/or label you can get the music in physical or digital format via Bandcamp. If you want to stream it you can do it through our official YouTube channel in full lenght for free.

Can we keep the discussions related to music in reviews thread please and technical details keep for the General topics?

Thank you

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I tried listening to this on headphones when I first received it.  Mistake.  This ain't the type of music to keep to yourself.  It must be shared if only to blunt its concussive force. If I had to describe it in one word...


My ears feel like they need a me too movement based on that aural assault.  The bass line hammers the tympanic membrane like a uh, bass drum.  All the sounds (did he try and choose only the most abrasive leads?) seem to have the same volume.


Imagine baking a cake with bunches of layers then force feeding someone until they pop.  Disgusting, but apt.  Once you get past the volume of material presented here you can then break it down and see how he builds his works.  Some of it is so lush and detailed that I couldn't come close to appreciating this on the first or second listen.  Once I took the headphones off to mitigate the damage things began to fall into place.  Multiple layers at high speed with zero respite.  High speed goa trance that is intended to overwhelm.  

Ever have those times when you're so juiced up that all you wanted to do was break stuff?  Allow me to introduce you to the soundtrack.


"Eat that sh*t Porky!"

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On 3/6/2020 at 3:55 PM, Trance2MoveU said:

y ears feel like they need a me too movement based on that aural assault. 

Yo, this line had me crackin'.

That's exactly how I feel listening to this album right now. Just getting blasted by it. This release is top and I am bottom.

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I can't believe I never posted on this thread. Then again I haven't posted much at all. Aaanyway..

This Sky Technology alright! Melodic climaxes for days, but this time with relentless basslines and sound design similar to his older tracks, but with more finesse and control over how it synergizes with everything. Great album and even with all going on, I hope his (fanboy moment) penultimate "Reactor Of Life" album will see the light of day.. someday. :P

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